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Inside Self-Storage Roadshow: Legal and Operations Workshop

Inside Self-Storage Roadshow: Legal and Operations Workshop
November 29, 2023; 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Speakers: Rick Beal and Magen Smith, Co-Founders, Atomic Storage Group; Jeffrey Greenberger, Partner, Greenberger & Brewer LLP

If you’re a hands-on self-storage owner, a divisional or regional manager, or a single facility manager who carries an extra dose of responsibility, this workshop is designed for you. Our presenters will cover advanced operational and risk-management material to help decision-makers like you keep your business on the right track.

In the morning, you’ll hear proven tactics to ensure peak performance, higher efficiency and productivity, and portfolio profitability. Topics include policies and procedures, staffing, site auditing, and revenue management. Then you’ll get four hours of legal guidance, with a particular emphasis on the rental agreement and tenant defaults, both of which are critical in this industry. Our attorney will arm you with knowledge to help protect your operation from liability. Anyone who owns or manages a self-storage facility will get tremendous value from this intensive session!

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up operational systems that allow your business to grow
  • How to establish policies and procedures for modern self-storage
  • What you need to know about recruiting and hiring in a labor-challenged environment
  • Insight to staff compensation, including bonus programs and other incentives
  • The importance of training, evaluation, motivation and, sometimes, discipline
  • How to create a training program and what it should include
  • When and why to perform site audits
  • What to review during an audit and red flags for which to look
  • How to assess your site for risk and potential improvements
  • Operational metrics to track and how to improve them
  • How to build out an operations budget, when, and what it should include
  • The latest in dynamic pricing and revenue management
  • How to identify gaps in your income
  • Smart strategies for managing expenses
  • How to set a marketing budget and determine return on investment
  • Ways to track marketing performance and spending
  • The provisions that must be in your rental agreement and what they actually mean
  • What to do when you discover a tenant is deceased
  • How to determine when and if a storage unit is abandoned
  • Terminology to avoid that can expose you to liability
  • The legal differences between enclosed and outdoor vehicle storage
  • How your state statute and rental agreement impact your lien sale