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Colorado Springs, CO, Facility Unveils ‘World’s Smallest Self-Storage Unit’

September 28, 2023

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Colorado Springs, CO, Facility Unveils ‘World’s Smallest Self-Storage Unit’

Garden of the Gods Self Storage in Colorado Springs, Colorado, has laid claim to offering the “World’s Smallest Self Storage Unit” for rent. The unit, which measures 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches, is available for $5 per month, according to the company’s blog.

“It might not store your furniture, but it’s bursting with personality and charm,” the company wrote. “Whether it’s used to store cherished, miniature artifacts or simply as a conversation starter, this tiny storage unit promises to bring a smile to anyone who sees it.”

The project to create the miniature unit was done in partnership with Mozzi Digital, a digital-marketing firm that specializes in content marketing and search engine optimization. According to the blog, “We embarked on this exciting journey to bring a sprinkle of fun and creativity into the world of self-storage. It’s our joint effort to highlight our commitment to excellent self-storage experiences, and to have a bit of fun!”

Unveiled on Sept. 21, the small unit is viewable to facility visitors during office hours. Typical drive-up unit sizes at the facility range from 50 to 625 square feet, large enough to store recreational vehicles. The property at 4905 N. 30th St. also offers outdoor vehicle storage.


Though the tiny storage unit isn’t officially designated as the world’s smallest by an official organization like the Guinness World Records, Garden of the Gods is hopeful the project will inspire other industry businesses to break their “record” or follow a similar creative outlet.

“While this claim stands firm based on our current research and observations, we anticipate this initiative may inspire others in the self-storage industry to explore similar creative avenues,” the company wrote. “The hefty fees demanded by world-record organizations such as Guinness presented a barrier, and we soon recognized that the true value of this project lay not in official accreditation, but in the bold ambition to redefine what’s possible in the self-storage industry. Regardless, we embrace the spirit of friendly competition and innovation that this venture represents.”

Launched about 10 years ago, Garden of the Gods is a family-owned business.

Source: Garden of the Gods Self Storage, The World’s Smallest Self Storage Unit at Garden of the Gods Self Storage

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