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Earning Extra Sales ‘Points’ by Providing Self-Storage Tenant Insurance

Giving your self-storage customers the option to purchase tenant insurance during the rental process comes with a bouquet of benefits. Find out what they are and why this product helps you win “extra points” with renters.

Mario Macaluso

June 30, 2021

3 Min Read

In football, the kicker is one of the most important players. Kickers are known for their ability to handle high-pressure situations. When the win is on the line, they’re called in to finish the job. Though they aren't always on the field, they’re essential to every team and can make or break any game.

Similarly, in self-storage, you sometimes need a few “extra points” to win a customer’s business. That deciding kick can come in many forms, but it often boils down to superior customer service and facility amenities. One of the things that can cement a positive outcome is to provide the prospect with peace of mind around his stored belongings. How? Through an offer of tenant insurance.

Why You Need It

Tenant insurance should be made available to all your customers. Most self-storage rental agreements clearly state the facility operator isn’t responsible for customer goods. That’s where tenant insurance comes in. The program provides coverage for risks you aren’t able to control, such as a hurricane, flood, tornado and other catastrophes. Of course, not all losses come from natural disasters. In fact, theft is the most common claim made by renters.

Without some kind of insurance, your self-storage tenants are vulnerable. The majority of homeowners or renters policies won’t cover stored items or will only cover a fraction of the goods’ value. While your lease releases you from liability for these types of losses, tenant insurance protects customers from the unexpected.

The Benefits It Brings

There are three primary benefits to offering self-storage tenant insurance. First, it offers financial compensation for stolen or spoiled goods. Most policies provide coverage for losses due to:

  • Burglary

  • Pests

  • Water

  • Fire

  • Smoke

Second, a tenant-insurance program is easy to administer. It’s often available through a monthly pay-with-rent option. Many providers offer policies with no or a low deductible. Furthermore, most policies provide primary coverage and pay first, even if the tenant has a homeowners insurance policy.

Finally, tenant insurance can generate additional income for the business, allowing you to increase facility revenue and property value. Of course, this benefit hinges on your ability to get customers to enroll, and simply placing a brochure on the counter often isn’t enough. You need an active sales effort.

Ways to Sell It

Self-storage managers should discuss tenant insurance and its benefit with every customer during the rental process. Fortunately, most insurance providers offer training materials to help staff succeed at selling their product.

You can also lean on your facility management software to help you boost sales. Today’s robust programs guide managers through move-in workflows that provide the required tenant-insurance fields. They also provide communication tools that allow staff to more effectively offer insurance, with automated tenant-enrollment status alerts and one-to-one communication with tenants via text and email. Finally, they can generate reports that track sales performance, so you know who’s succeeding at insurance sales.

By offering tenant insurance in a systematic, professional manner, you can ensure your customers are covered for those unexpected circumstances. The product helps you provide a higher level of service and gives your tenants peace of mind.

So, let tenant insurance be your self-storage sales “kicker.” Making the product available will earn you extra points with customers. If you’ve never offered it or are inexperienced in selling it, give it a try. Even if you miss, at least you’re playing to win!

Mario Macaluso is a co-founder of the SBOA Tenant Insurance program and the founder of Best Self Storage Insurance LLC . To reach him, call 888.212.5109 email [email protected].

About the Author(s)

Mario Macaluso

Founder, Best Self Storage Insurance LLC

Mario Macaluso is the founder of Best Self Storage Insurance LLC and a founding member of SBOA Tenant Insurance. As a certified insurance counselor, he provides risk-management and insurance services for self-storage owners and management companies. To reach him, call 888.212.5109; email [email protected].

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