April 2, 2007

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Colfax Corporation

Colfax Corp., the parent company for brands such as Allweiler and IMO, has launched its new website, www.colfaxcorp.com. The website brings the companys pump brands and critical fluid-handling expertise within easy reach of customers. Sectioned by application (commercial, marine, oil and gas, etc.), pump technology, product brand and geographical area, the site enables visitors to zero in on the Colfax solutions to best meet their needs. Info: 804.560.4070  

Steel King Inc.

Cantilever Racks

Steel King Inc.s cantilever racks are designed to be a cost-effective solution for warehousing. Cantilever racks can be implemented by any facility requiring storage versatility. With no front column, the cantilever rack is faster to load and unload, reducing handling time and costs. The lack of a front column also saves horizontal space normally lost to rack structure, and increases handling clearance. Loads may be placed anywhere along the entire length of a row, and any load or storage slot is immediately accessible. Nearly any type of load can be stored, including long, bulky or odd-shaped items. Info: 800.826.0203, www.steelking.com

Card Scanning Solutions

Snapshell IDR Camera Scanner

Card Scanning Solutions' new Snapshell IDR camera scanner is a revolutionary tool for capturing drivers license information quickly and accurately. Powered by software that can accurately read cards from all 50 states and more than 30 international countries, the Snapshell IDR uses a 3 mega-pixel camera built into its base to snap high-quality digital images of ID cards (up to 600 dpi), populating the cards text into appropriate fields within a couple of seconds. The scanner uses a USB 2.0 connection, has no moving parts and doesnt require calibration; users simply have to place their card facedown on the window.

Its easy integration into kiosks provides a time- and cost-effective means of automating information collection. The scanner can come bundled with Card Scanning Solutions IdScan or Scanshell.net modular software, or can be used with an SDK for smooth integration into third-party software. Info: 310.691.8920, www.card-reader.com

Janus International

PAID Model 1000

Janus International unveils a new commercial door, the Model 1000, known as PAIDa pre-assembled industrial door. The model has an innovative design that includes components pre-assembled direct from the manufacturer. The push-up operation comes with brackets and tensioner pre-assembled. The reduced drive-chain hoist operation is delivered with brackets, tensioner and chain drive pre-assembled on the door. In addition, the door and guides install to jamb as a single assembly. Pre-assembly from the factory means less time spent on installation, which saves field time and money. Its backed by a one-year warranty. Info: 866.562.2580, www.janusintl.com

Westfalia Technologies

Automated Self Storage

Westfalia Technologies, a provider of warehouse and plantautomation solutions for more than 35 years, is partnering with Automated Self Storage Systems, to provide automated storage and retrieval systems for a new automated self-storage facility in Delray Beach, Fla. Automated Self Storage System designs its facilities to resemble offices or apartments that fit in with the surrounding area. Each storage module is 10-by-20 and can be subdivided to fit an individuals rental storage needs. The initial Delray Beach project will handle approximately 200 modules and is due for completion this year. Info: 717.764.1115, ext. 111, www.westfaliausa.com 

Bader Co.

Storm Tracker Insurance

Bader Co.s Storm Tracker hurricane coverage for self-storage facilities provides coverage when a named storm comes close to the property. Coverage is underwritten by Illinois Union, part of the ACE INA Group, which holds a rating of A+ from A.M. Best, the companys highest rating. Bader Co. offers commercial insurance products designed for self-storage facilities. Bader is a national provider of point-of-lease, pay-with-rent tenant insurance in the self-storage and multifamily industries. Info: 888.223.3726, www.baderco.com

Transit Systems Inc.

Self-Storage Promotion Program

Transit Systems Inc. (TSI), a provider of nationwide moving and shipping services, rolled out its Storage Promotion Program offering self-storage owners and managers free listings and the opportunity to earn ancillary income from referral payments. Owners and manager can earn $50 for each move or shipment booked through the location. The listings are in an online storage locator. TSI also provides the locations with a counter display and brochures featuring TSI moving and shipping services. Each listing includes name, address, phone number, website and e-mail links. All self-storage companies are eligible, and companies can list multiple locations separately. Referral payments are automatically earned for every move or shipment booked through the location. Info: 800.626.1257, ext. 217, www.transitsystems.com/storage.html

CertainTeed Corp.

ToughGard MAX

Duct liner just got tougher, with the introduction of ToughGard MAX Duct Liner from CertainTeed Corp. The liners composition blends the thermal performance of rotary liner with the durability and easy handling of textile liner. The new liner uses IsulSafe blowing insulation, to create a product with excellent durability, moisture resistance and cleanability. The liner features an enhanced R-value, high-acoustical values, and a composition that promotes healthy indoor air quality and meets the demands of most specifications. Additional features are an enhanced surface that provides moisture resistance for optimal IAQ, an EPA-registered anti-microbial agent for added protection, and a surface that resists tearing, puncturing and wear during installation and maintenance. Info: 610.341.7328, www.certainteed.com 

KW Nash Group Inc.

The Impact Series Box

The KW Nash Group Inc. has been appointed a dealer for Specialty Vehicle Outfitters, offering The Impact Series scrolling box. The Impact Series has six illuminated scrolling ads on each side of the box for a total of 12 ads. Info: 877.818.7825, www.kwnashgroup.com

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