Product Showcase: SmartClient by QuikStor

QuikStors new site management software, SmartClient, offers speed and reliability of local data, plus remote management, customer self-service on the Web and automatic backups of centralized data.

January 27, 2009

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Product Showcase: SmartClient by QuikStor

Operating a self-storage has never been easier. With advances in technology, you can oversee the operation, run a call center and do everything from anywhere, whether you have one site or hundreds.

Until now there have been trade-offs between centralized data for call centers or management versus the speed of local operations. Now, the advances of the past several years are combined in one single product: SmartClient from QuikStor. SmartClient give you the speed and reliability of local data, and the remote management, customer self-service on the Web and automatic backups of centralized data.

SmartClient doesn’t just give you the ability to view the data from any of your sites, but to actually change it. Make payments, move in tenants, raise rents, run reports, review transactions, configure site operations and more from anywhere using real-time data. Virtually anything you can do while at the site, you can do from anywhere in the world with SmartClient.

Backup and Data Control

With SmartClient, your data is always in your possession. It’s at the site and your corporate office, providing for continual real-time offsite backup of your data. It is never in the hands of a third-party on a server in some other state and there aren’t any monthly hosting fees.

In addition, the speed using SmartClient is as fast as if you were working on local data on a stand-alone machine. There will be no tenant—or manager—frustration while waiting to make a payment or conduct a move-in when the Internet is running slow.

Even when your Internet server is down, QuikStor SmartClient will keep working. The corporate office or call center will continue to work at its normal pace. When the Internet connection is restored, the data automatically and transparently synchronizes so you’re not relying on connecting to a server halfway across the country. And because you control your data, there are no monthly “hosting” fees.

Customer-Friendly Applications

Need to send out a reminder to call delinquent tenants today? Send a message that pops up on screen at the site. Instantly communicate with one site, a group of sites or all your sites.

What about working from multiple locations? If you’re on the road and would like to check in, you can. District managers are rarely in the corporate office, traveling to the sites they oversee. Set up SmartClient on any computer or laptop, login with your password and you’re ready to work. Facility audits can be performed quickly and easily from anywhere.

SmartClient also provides seamless Outlook integration between the corporate office and the self-storage sites. You can easily add calendar events directly to the calendar at the site(s).

QuikStor’s SmartClient management system was designed with every facility owner in mind, from the single site owner to chains owning hundreds of facilities.

Dennis Levitt has built, owned, operated, managed and consulted in the self-storage industry since 1981. He manages two facilities and is a partner in 22 others. As the president of QuikStor, which he founded in 1987, he has developed and overseen many innovative software and security advances in the industry. For more information, call 800.321.1987; visit

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