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Understanding the True Value of IoT-Enabled, ‘Smart’ Self-Storage Buildings

Businesses across all industries are exploring how the Internet of Things can unlock operational data and bolster the bottom line. Read how a “smart” self-storage facility can enhance the customer and employee experience as well as improve profit.

Franklin Young

August 3, 2018

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Understanding the True Value of IoT-Enabled, ‘Smart’ Self-Storage Buildings

“Smart buildings leverage IoT connectivity, sensors and the cloud to remotely monitor and control a range of building systems from heating and air conditioning, to lighting and security systems.”
—“The IoT and Smart Buildings,” Gemalto

There’s been an upsurge in technological advances in recent years, and businesses across all industries have been on a quest to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to unlock operational data. The concept of harvesting the information generated by “smart” buildings and facilities isn’t new, but its potential value hasn’t been fully explored.

So, what’s the benefit of investing in a smart solution for your self-storage facility? When calculating return on investment (ROI), it comes down to what you’re getting in exchange for the time, money and resources you invest and how it can contribute to your bottom line. Although energy savings is typically the notion that sparks a company’s interest, it isn’t the only advantage to consider. The real value of a smart facility lies in its ability to optimize the many variables of day-to-day operation and create a dynamic, responsive environment that meets the needs of employees and customers.

IoT enables self-storage management systems that allow for automation and precise tracking of routine activities. During day-to-day facility operation, tenant data is stored and analyzed so adjustments can be made, and further savings realized.

Another factor in the value of a smart facility is how it positively impacts the tenant experience while creating a better work environment for employees. By implementing the basic technology elements of a smart building such as HVAC, lighting, mobility and easy data access, self-storage operators can automatically establish a business that’s responsive to the needs of staff and customers. Subsequently, these components can ultimately be linked to employee wellness and productivity.

The value of a smart self-storage facility can be leveraged to meet the needs of your business and improve your bottom line. If facility optimization via IoT can boost employee productivity, enhance the tenant experience, provide easy access to data, grant mobility and help you cut costs, then its true value is exponential.

Franklin Young is CEO of PTI Security Systems, a provider of access-control and security technology to the self-storage industry. He’s spent more than 15 years in the self-storage industry in leadership, marketing and sales roles. To contact the PTI team, call 480.418.5407; e-mail [email protected]; visit www.ptisecurity.com.

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