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Self-Storage Talk Featured Thread: Contending With Snail-Mail Payments … Yep, It’s Really Still a Thing

March 16, 2021

1 Min Read

The “check is in the mail” might be a snarky punchline, but self-storage operators are actually still dealing with customers who say it—and mean it! Some tenants are part of an older generation that still loves to write paper checks, while others are simply uncomfortable with providing their payment information via a digital means, whether online, over the phone or at a kiosk. Whatever the reason, the result is a faction of renters who are sending their rent in the mail. And between harsh winter weather and ongoing postal delays, well, you can see the potential for problems.

In this thread on Self-Storage Talk, the industry’s largest online community, members are sharing their woes and worries over paper rent payments. Read about their policies for accepting checks and what they do about those that arrive late. Are you still contending with snail mail at your operation? If so, jump in and share your viewpoint.

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