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Arvada, CO, Imposes 180-Day Moratorium on Self-Storage

April 13, 2018

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Arvada, CO, Imposes 180-Day Moratorium on Self-Storage

The Arvada, Colo., City Council unanimously approved a 180-day moratorium on April 2 that will temporarily halt any self-storage applications for the area. The move will allow city staff to evaluate the business use in relation to its Comprehensive Plan, according to the source.

City officials allowed self-storage to be added as a use within two planned-unit development districts (PUD-1 and PUD-BP) in July 2016. Since then, the city has received five applications for storage developments after receiving just two the previous decade, the source reported.

“We have not liked to see the use of moratoriums, but this was a situation where we need more time to look at these,” Mayor Marc Williams said during the meeting. “Once these facilities go in, it will stay there forever. They are good money generators for the people running them; but they don't generate sales tax, and they take land that could be used for other things.”

Though Blue Wing Development opened a new storage facility in Arvada in January, the city council rejected a proposed Public Storage project targeted for the Whisper Creek subdivision in February. City staff began looking into creating a moratorium after the council voted 6-1 against the development, according to the source.


Arvada Press, City Council Puts Moratorium on Self Storage Facilities

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