A Managers Other Hat

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

August 27, 2008

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A Managers Other Hat

Sometime ago, I came across this article on AlterNet.org, an online alternative news source, that talked about the “pack rat” culture of America and how the self-storage industry has thrived on it. But in reading further down, I saw the piece also addressed some of the other reasons peoples seek storage—life’s tragedies.
With the housing market in a shambles and more people having to give up their dreams, move into smaller digs or even with relatives, there are a lot of people in turmoil needing some place to keep their stuff. Then you add divorcing couples, family deaths and service people going overseas to combat, and you have a range of life’s events to rival the best soap opera (if there is such a thing). Throw in a few schemers and things could get a little wild for the person behind the self-storage counter.

The average manager may not get too many stressed-out clients in the midst of a panic or life-altering event. But when they do, do they know how to handle it? It's probably best to employ professional detachment and just answer the customer’s questions with calm efficiency. But sometimes it is hard not to get drawn in. Then how do you handle an upset customer?

I posed this question on the ISS forum, Self-Storage Talk.You can read the many interesting responses there or in an upcoming issue of ISS in the column Storage Talk Too.

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