The Criminal

June 1, 2001

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The Criminal

The Criminal

Myfather, who lives on the East Coast, comes to visit me in Phoenix each spring,just before the temperature skyrockets. He enjoys hiking about the Superstitionmountains, sunning himself by the pool and taking day trips to Sedona or LakeMead. But mostly, he enjoys his morning ritual of sipping coffee and reading thepaper out on my sunwashed patio. This past April was no different.

During this last visit, he managed to lock himself out one morning. He wentto the patio for his cup of joe, pulled the door shut and heard the dreadedclick. It wouldn't have been a problem if I hadn't already left for work, or hehad a cell phone with him, or he was dressed in something other than a pair ofshorts (no shirt, no shoes). But all those things considered, he took the mostreasonable action: He smashed my front window and broke in, of course!

The thing that most frightens me is not just the ease with which he broke andentered, but the fact that not one of my neighbors stirred. No one called thepolice or came out to inquire. When someone can break in to your home in broaddaylight by throwing a rock through your window, you know you have securityissues. Thank goodness, on this occasion, it was my father and not acriminal--but next time I might not be so lucky.

Self-storageoperators face a slew of security issues daily. Not only must they worry aboutpotential break-ins or other criminal activity commited on their property bytenants, they must be watchful of employee dishonesty as well. As a consequence,there are important decisions to make regarding security hardware--such asaccess gates, door alarms and video-surveillance cameras--as well as softwarethat makes it operational and cooperative with management functions.

This issue examines the key elements of a sound security system, fromsecurity-minded site design to the technical aspects of hardware and software.You'll read about the lastest digital technology for video surveillance, thebenefits of individual door alarms, wireless vs. hardwired systems,communications systems including intercoms and music, and master-keyed locksystems. Whether you're in the devolopment phase of a project or retrofitting anexisting one, you'll find ample suggestions here to keep your facility safe andsecure.

We hope to see you this month at our annual Trade Fair. This year's eventtakes place at the beautiful Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Miss.,June 7-8. Please come by the booth and share with us any comments or suggestionsfor the magazine, or just to say "hello." We love to hear from new andseasoned readers.

Wishing you a safe summer,

Teri L. Lanza
[email protected]

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