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Quick Switch

July 1, 2003

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Quick Switch

In the world of self-storage, not many products have come along to revolutionize the way individual door-alarm security systems are installed. Quick Switch has developed a new door-switch design that has completely altered the function of door-alarm contacts. The company was started by Bill Carlson and Dan Jolley, who have more than 25 years of experience in the security and alarm market. It has grown to become a provider of all types of switches, with its own overseas manufacturing plant.

The Product

The old-style contact switch for self-storage doors was designed to detect the position of the door. The Quick Switch detects the position of the latch. Thus, it not only indicates when a door has been closed, but whether it has been locked. This added security information is just one of the product's many benefits.

Because the switch mounts on the door track, it is out of the way. This means no more overhead magnets to be broken off or floor switches to be pulled from the concrete. The switch is also protected from the elements, and its operation is temperature-resistant. Installation is quick and easy, saving significant time and labor expense. That savings can be passed on to the owner/developer. Quick Switch now offers on-site installation assistance for sizable first-time users.

Extensive testing has gone into the evolution of this product, which has undergone several changes. The switch functions with all the major self-storage alarm systems, including Sentinel Systems Corp., Digitech International, PTI Integrated Systems, QuikStor Security & Software and Wham Security Systems. Major door manufacturers have specified the proper door latch to match the product.

Informed owners are now requesting the Quick Switch for new developments. Active security dealers are experiencing the ease and convenience of using the product. The company looks forward to continued success in supplying the industry standard for self-storage door alarm systems.

The Company

Quick Switch manufactures various electronic components for security, telecommunication equipments, process-control instrumentation, electronics-test equipment and office-automation equipment. The company has a consistent record of growth and expansion, with rapidly increasing sales over the last 10 years. It has a strong team of qualified engineers to look after the production, marketing, and research and development functions of the company. Its products meet all IS/JSS specifications, and all individual components pass stringent quality-performance checks backed by the latest test facilities available.

Quick Switch enjoys the support of a wide customer network in the government, public and private sectors. The company has committed resources and engineering efforts to develop a complete line of high-quality products that would best suit a wide variety of applications. It also has a large in-house capacity to meet bulk-volume requirements. For more information, call 866.784.2511 or visit www.quick-switch.com.

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