Is Twitter Twittering Out?

Self-Storage Talk members call Twitter a passing fad and don't see much marketing value in the social media outlet. However, one member points out that perhaps the self-storage industry isn't using social media marketing to its full potential.

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

February 1, 2010

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Is Twitter Twittering Out?

Last week I came across an article on CNN questioning whether Twitter has reached its peak. With the number of users declining—and many famous people saying adieu to the social media—the article explores what’s in the future for Twitter.

While Twitter has proven to be great medium for chatting with friends (and strangers) or promoting a movie or CD, few businesses have discovered any real marketing value.

When I asked Self-Storage Talk members their thoughts, the general consensus was Twitter is not a great marketing outlet for self-storage facilities. Some have tried it; others haven’t bothered, calling it a passing fad.

It’s hard to gauge whether Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will still be as popular a year or two from now, or if social media is, indeed, a short-lived trend. Equally hard is determining what value—and how much—social media offers business owners. For the most part, social media is a free outlet. The only real commitment is time. However, we all know time is money and if you’re spending even 15 minutes a day on a marketing outlet that isn’t yielding results, is it worth it?

SST member StorageLand made a good point:

I have noticed that most self-storage people don't understand that social media is not about the direct sale. Many of them are constantly posting specials, unit rates and other offerings. Instead it's about engaging followers with comments/responses that will create a relationship. The conversion from Twitter Follower to Tenant will occur when it's time.

Like many marketing avenues—direct mail, community involvement, etc.—Twitter and other social media outlets are really about building your brand. You can’t liken a Twitter or Facebook marketing campaign to that of a Yellow Pages ad. It’s just not apples to apples comparison. A Yellow Pages ad is designed to attract a customer looking for storage TODAY. While social media is just that, social. It’s getting to know people. Telling them about who you are and what you can do for them.

Tweeting (Twitter speak for posting a comment) your specials and discounts will likely not gain much attention. But if you were to Tweet about an upcoming game where you’re the sponsor, that’s more interesting. If you offered a free unit to the local chapter of the Red Cross or to victims of a wildfire or a flood, that’s also worthy of a couple of Tweets.

What are your thoughts on Twitter and other social media outlets? Post a comment below or join the discussion at Self-Storage Talk. There are already numerous threads about social media, or start one of your own. 

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