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Holding Down the Fort

February 1, 1999

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Holding Down the Fort

Holding Down the Fort

i961ter.jpg (8436 bytes)Did you play King of the Hill when you were a kid? I feel like I'm stillplaying. Getting older imparts a wider array of freedoms, but it also signifies theattainment of intensified responsibility, along with more things that require protection:your vehicle(s), your residence, your family, your bank account, your job or business....It's a consistent challenge to "stay on top" of it all.

If you're a self-storage owner or operator, security is no doubt at the top of yourlist of concerns. As technology advances, so do your choices for fortifying your facility.David Reddick discusses how to go about selecting a security system that works for yourparticular business, as well as the pros and cons of the available options. Gate accessand control, CCTV, perimeter beams--such are the components of a system that will preventbreak-ins and vandalism from becoming a liability for your business. Steve Cooper talksabout the advantages of proper planning and preparation in regards to security.

Thinking about making an investment in real estate? Unsure which business entity toassume in the process? Carlos Kaslow outlines the benefits of the newest ownership entity,the limited-liability company. If it's marketing decisions your grappling with, refer toHarley Rolfe's column for advice on meeting customer expectations, or Cary McGovern'sdiscussion of marketing for records management . Don't forget to read Jim Chiswell's"Thoughts From the Road", which always contains great pointers and insights intothis flourishing business.

It was a pleasure to see many of you at our trade fair and seminar at Beau Rivage inBiloxi, Miss. I've come to really appreciate the opportunity to speak with readers andvendors about what's important for them to see in the magazine--articles that addresstheir concerns, that they enjoy reading. As always, we encourage you to share your ideaswith us.

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Teri L. Lanza
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