Whenever I need to make a high-dollar purchase or learn something on the fly, I often seek out video to inform my decision and enhance my knowledge. To me, seeing a product or skill in action can be so much more effective than combing through pages of text. And I'm not alone in feeling that way. Many self-storage professionals are turning to the power of video to study skills, train staff, market their facilities and more. This week there's new industry video on the market that could change your business.

Teri Lanza

March 14, 2014

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Expo Video on the Go Keeps Self-Storage Professionals in the Know

I recently wanted to learn how to make barrel-roll curls for a vintage hairstyle I hoped to replicate for an event. I have a book on the topic, but it's difficult to truly envision such a dexterous task through still photographs. I turned to YouTube for help. Bingo! Cherry Dollface had my back with a fantastic video tutorial.

When I was shopping for a new water fountain for my pets, I watched product reviews and demonstrations on YouTube, Amazon and company websites to see how well various models functioned, how animals responded to them, and what the owners had to say about use and maintenance. In the end, it saved me money and grief, because the fountain I might have chosen based on written reviews would have been a poor fit for my particular household. Small but significant details revealed in the video made that clear.  

When my husband needed to fix the irrigation system ... yep ... YouTube. When I wanted to know the best way to poach pears for dessert. When I needed a way to fix a broken powder compact. When we were comparing dog breeds in anticipation of that puppy we intend to bring home (some day). When we were deciding which tablet to buy.

In fact, before I make any high-dollar purchase (and sometimes even smaller buys), or need to learn something on the fly, I often seek out video to inform my decisions and enhance my knowledge. To me, seeing a product or skill in action can be so much more effective than combing through pages of text. That might sound strange coming from someone whose profession is largely based on the written word; but as much as I appreciate quality writing, there are circumstances in which video is simply the stronger choice.

I'm not alone in feeling this way. According to Toronto-based video producer and content marketer Joseph Morris, 45 percent of Americans watch at least one online video per month. Internationally, 100 million people watch online video every day. Research shows 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

Recognizing the power of video in driving education and decision-making, ISS created Self-Storage TV, a central hub where industry professionals can see great examples of facility marketing, tours and events, as well as access how-to demonstrations, news broadcasts, tutorials, expert interviews and more. Since it's launch in March 2013, the portal has garnered thousands of views from watchers worldwide.

We've taken the platform even further via the ISS Store, where we offer educational video in both on-demand and DVD format on a full range of topics. Some has been recorded in house at our studio, but much of it has been captured live at the annual Inside Self-Storage World Expo and professionally produced to present the best quality audiovisual. These videos have sold like hot cakes not only during the event but throughout the year by customers who want a copy of something they learned at the show, often to share with employees and co-workers. These videos make fantastic refreshers and training tools!

Another big market segment for these products includes self-storage owners, managers and investors who never made it to Las Vegas for the live event. The store offerings allow them to enjoy the benefits of ISS education without the need to travel. I've heard from many buyers who say their $20 to $40 purchase saved them hundreds to thousands of dollars in lessons learned and information for which they might have paid much more somewhere else.

With this year's expo just two weeks away, I'm pleased to announce the 2014 education DVDs are now available for pre-order through the store—for anyone, not just show attendees. Shoppers can choose from 30 individual sessions and eight topic-themed bundles, all of which are discounted between now and the end of the event. The packages will save you as much as 25 percent.

All DVDs are expected to ship to customers by May 23. We'll also be offering the individual sessions in on-demand format, available in late May. To check out the options, visit insideselfstoragestore.com and choose "ISS Expo 2014 Session DVDs" from the left navigation bar.

If you're looking to learn or make a business decision, video is a great way to go, for a whole host of reasons. It's engaging, effective and economical. It's also easy to share and integrate with other media types. Even if you can't join us in Las Vegas for this year's largest conference and tradeshow, you can still reap the benefits of the knowledge shared by our experts. And while you wait for your DVDs to arrive, feel free to entertain yourself on SSTV, where you can see self-storage rap music, a pink elephant, film noir, a camel, and classic cars, all in one place.

What's your favorite self-storage video? Share it in the comments section of the blog.

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