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A Dose of Depp (or Grasping at Storage Straws)

Amy Campbell

May 16, 2008

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A Dose of Depp (or Grasping at Storage Straws)

I've had a headache for going on four days now, so there's very little that could incite me to write this blog today. But there was this one thing ... headache or no, it incites me.

In one of her popular songs, Gwen Stefani (band No Doubt) croons, "I'm just a girl in the world," and at the core of it all, it's true of me also. Which is why, as unconventional as I may be in thought and action, and as much as I pretend to be immune to public opinion, I'm still a sucker for one of the silver screen's most popular heartthrobs. Try as I might to deny that my pulse would race even just a tiny bit faster in the presence of any man other than my beloved husband, I confess to this one trifle, this one indulgence.

Yes, ladies. I'm talking about Johnny Depp.

*insert dramatic sigh*

There were several significant stories in the media this week pertaining to self-storage, not the least of which was one in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal about whether this industry is really as recession-resistant as it seems. (If you'd like to join a discussion about this, there's a thread going on Self-Storage Talk.) Another piece in The New York Times talked about faltering occupancies in self-storage as tenants fail to pay rent and lose their belongings. Yet another reiterated the supposition that home foreclosures boost our business.

But it's Friday. And there's this god-awful headache. And I just want to think on something more ... cheering. (It still relates to storage though, so no one can say I'm shirking my duties.)

Earlier in the week, the Baraboo (Wisc.) News Repulic ran an article about a secret movie shoot that had taken place up at Mirror Lake as part of a new film starring Johnny and Christian Bale called "Public Enemies." The studio rented approximately 20 units at Storage Solutions of Wisconsin to store the 1930s-style cars being used in the film. How often does that happen?

So there are still interesting things happening in self-storage that have nothing at all to do with operators feeding off the corpses of foreclosed homes, falling stocks or market volatility. And while this particular bit of gossip may not be interesting to all, you have to admit it makes a nice deviation from Wall Street. (Girls, feel free to thank me for the eye candy.) Have a great weekend.







The storage facility at which cars for Public Enemies were stored.

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