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From the Editor

August 1, 2007

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From the Editor

Every self-storage business, new and established, needs stuff. All kinds of stuff. From the massive fundamentals such as land and building components, to the smaller but critical essentials like door numbers, bollard covers and pest-control products. Thanks to the power of Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, you can fi nd almost anything you need online. But wouldnt it be fantastic to have a convenient, industry-specific, all-encompassing guide to companies, products and services?

Lucky for you, youre holding it in your hand. Every summer, Inside Self-Storage collects and compiles data from hundreds of vendors who specialize in the self-storage biz for the annual Buyers Guide. The companies in the following pages fi ll every conceivable need and budget.

Looking for a consultant to help get your project off the ground? Choose from our extensive listand even search by state or country if you want someone local. Shopping for buildings, doors, roof retrofits and other construction-related products? No problem. Want to browse for management software, kiosks and security equipment? What about training manuals and programs, marketing assistance, industry publications and mystery shoppers? Theyre all represented here. Even very specialized products can be found: wine-storage lockers, records-storage software, portable-storage units, mailing services, rent-reminder magnets, storage lifts and more.

The ISS guide is the most comprehensive resource of self-storage vendors available. We have scrupulously collected data from more than 500 merchants to provide you a quick reference for your laptop or desktop. Both the print version and the online version (found at www.insideselfstorage.com) are searchable by category, state or company name. The web edition even provides ongoing opportunities for participation. Anyone wishing to be included need only submit an online form from the site. In either case, its a great referral service and unique marketing tool.

This guide also includes a domestic and international association directory, which is more important than you may realize. If you own or operate self-storage, contact and build a relationship with your state associations. They fight for your rights, keep you updated on legal issues, and provide state-specific guidance and camaraderie.

Finally, this issue includes our annual Top-Operator List, containing statistics from more than 100 storage operations. These might be private owners, corporate owners, management companies or developers, as identified under Type in each listing. Company rank is determined by total rentable square footage, though detailed listings include a lot more information. This sampling is a good barometer of industry development. At the very least, it will tell you where employment, management and real estate opportunities lie.

Readers should know that while we have done our best to include the most successful storage operators throughout the nation, we can only print information for companies that submit and approve their data. We publish a listing for any operator wishing to participate, regardless of company size or status. An online form is available at the website for operators who would like to be included next year.

We think youll find this guide indispensable! It should point you in the direction of what you need to succeed. Dont forget to bookmark the web guide for quick reference and, as always, feel free to contact us with suggestions for future editions.

Happy perusing,

Teri L. Lanza
Business Development Manager/Editorial Director
[email protected]

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