WEBINAR - The New Unattended Self-Storage Model: What’s Changed and How to Implement

Emerging technologies have made virtual management more possible than ever, and many self-storage operators are finding success with a fully unmanned model of operation. This webinar will provide insight and answer questions about how you, too, can go fully automated at your facilities.

June 11, 2019

WEBINAR - The New Unattended Self-Storage Model: What’s Changed and How to Implement

Date: Oct 12, 2023

Live date: Thursday, August 29, 2019
Duration:  Approximately one hour (includes audience Q&A)
Presenters: Terry Bagley, President of Smart Entry and Facility Automation, Janus International; Josh Boyd, Founder, On Guard Self Storage
Registration: Click here to access the on-demand version

Operating unattended facilities has been an increasingly popular topic in self-storage. While there are many operators enjoying success with a fully automated model, some have lingering questions about best practices and how to make it work for them. Virtual management is more possible today than ever. In this webinar, we’ll explore how new technology has changed the self-storage playing field and what it could mean for your ability to be more hands-off in your business. From the move-in and payment process to tenant access to general security and much more, our presenters will provide insight and answer questions about going fully automated. You’ll learn:

  • How technology has improved the tenant onboarding experience

  • The automation technology available today

  • Best practices for virtual management

  • How to provide high levels of customer service and convenience with tech tools

  • How to keep unattended facilities secure while eliminating costly, manual processes like overlocking

About the presenters:

Terry Bagley is president of smart entry and facility automation at Janus International. He oversees the development and implementation of smart entry and security technology designed to help self-storage operators increase the value of their facilities and improve operation. He’s spent more than 16 years providing leading-edge tools to the industry.

Josh Boyd is a founder of On Guard Self Storage in Leeds, Ala., which develops, acquires and manages its self-storage properties using virtual management with automation. Josh’s background includes a long career in medical-device sales, selling cutting-edge technologies into hospitals and operating rooms to advance the quality of patient care. Josh has seen how disruptive technologies can positively impact cost models and improve the customer experience and he has brought those ideals with him into the self-storage industry.

About the sponsor:

Janus International is a global manufacturer and supplier of turnkey self-storage building solutions including roll-up and swing doors, hallway systems, and relocatable storage systems. It also has a rapidly growing technology division designed to help self-storage operators automate facility operation, improve security, and create a more convenient customer experience. Janus offers a full suite of smart-entry and access-control products, including Bluetooth smart locks, mobile entry and monitoring apps, and smart keypads. Headquartered in Temple, Ga., it operates out of eight U.S. locations and three in Europe.


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