More than a spring cleaning, self-storage maintenance is truly a year-round proposition. Learn how the ISS Store’s annual task calendars and guide can help you protect facility value and ensure site safety.

Tony Jones, ISS Store Manager, Contributing Editor

February 22, 2019

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ISS Store self-storage maintenance task calendars and guide

Though much of the country is in a deep freeze, including uncharacteristic snowfall in unlikely places, March will soon be upon us. The annual rites of spring include the pressure to purge and scrub, but in the self-storage business, cleaning and maintenance are truly a year-round proposition. Though it can be difficult to find the motivation to keep up with myriad tasks around your property, there is a correlation between curb appeal and facility value.

The notion of curb appeal goes far beyond what one can see from the street. It really encompasses site cleanliness, along with how well your property functions. Similar to homeownership, property presentation and site function in business help drive the perception of customers and potential buyers.

Another concern is site safety. Poorly kept facilities can also increase safety hazards and expose operators to unnecessary liability risks.

It’s important, then, to stay on top of regular tasks that help prevent major equipment breakdowns as well as issues that could damage customer belongings and tenant confidence in your operation. To help facility managers develop an executable plan, the ISS Store offers the Self-Storage Maintenance Package 2019: Monthly Task Calendars and Guide. This annual release offers detailed, customizable monthly calendars that break down tasks by day, week and season. This year’s package also includes a 64-page digital book containing expert advice on industry-related maintenance.

The monthly task calendars are color-coded for weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonal and annual tasks. Each page also includes a list of daily maintenance responsibilities. From signaling when to lubricate your gate chain to reminding you to delete and organize computer files, the calendars are chock-full of helpful prompts. Some months include callout reminders and tips for things like vacant-unit inspection and door cleaning.

Contents are available through a downloadable zip file, which includes 12 individual calendars in PDF and Microsoft Word formats. The customizable Word templates allow managers to alter the calendars to fit their individual maintenance schedule and needs. A no-fuss, 12-month 2019 task calendar in PDF format is also included for those who wish to print the entire year without having to access individual files.

No doubt there are some tasks that you don’t have experience tackling or can be downright intimidating. To provide some expert advice, the package also contains the “Self-Storage Maintenance Guide,” in PDF format, which contains 23 articles related to facility maintenance. Topics include curb appeal, general tips and tricks, door cleaning and maintenance, pest control, roof care and maintenance, upkeep of security components, and service outsourcing.

If you don’t already have a regular maintenance checklist or plan, now is the time to spring into action. Whether tackling some overdue seasonal tasks or beginning to plan ahead for when winter thaws, the maintenance-calendar package will help ensure your site always puts its best foot forward.

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