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RoboVault Offers High Security Storage

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based RoboVault offers customer goods protection from fire, theft and Category 5-plus hurricanes.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based RoboVault offers customer goods protection from fire, theft and even Category 5-plus hurricanes. It's a guarded, robotic, condominium storage facility for high-end valuables such as classic cars, art, jewelry, antiques, family records, essential business records, computer backup tapes and more. The only exclusions are people, animals, corpses and explosives.

RoboVault is a 113-foot-tall, reinforced concrete structure with 9.5-inch-thick, re-bar reinforced lower walls. When complete, it will feature an extremely high-tech security system, including sprinklers, biometric readers, motion detectors, card scanners and streaming video hookups. In addition, system-wide generators will provide power for 10 days without refueling.

The facilitys robotic operating system, developed by Robotic Parking of Clearwater, Fla., delivers the deposit vaults, which look like steel shipping containers, to owners. Most units are 12.5 feed deep and 8 feet wide and tall, though larger ones are available. The project also has five ground-floor flex-space units, which average 2,000 square feet. Possible uses include boat and RV storage. Finally, separated from the main vault will be a separate tower containing 1,000 lower-security units, rented on a month-to-month basis.

All told, RoboVault is expected to cost $30 million, according to its developer, Marvin Chaney, who also built the first high-rise self-storage facility in South Florida (Oakland Park). Miller Construction Co. will be in charge of the estimated 15-month construction schedule, and Gustavo Cabonell is the architect.

Cushman & Wakefield and Prudential Florida WCI Realty are brokers for the project's spaces. Standard vaults are priced at $40,000 while larger ones are $55,000. The flex-space units start at $245 per square foot, and the lower-security storage units will cost approximately $27 per square foot per year.

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