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A Little Charity Can Go a Long Way

Amy Campbell

August 20, 2008

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A Little Charity Can Go a Long Way

In Goose Creek, S.C., a Boy Scout has taken it upon himself to collect school supplies for those in need. Word of his cause was published in the local newspaper, which advises those who are interested in donating notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and the likes to stop by one of several drop-off sites, including Ladson Self Storage. What a great idea, for both the Boy Scout seeking a merit badge as well as the self-storage facility looking for free marketing opportunities in the name of good will.

Earlier this summer, my own sons participated in a campaign to collect cans and bottles for recycling, which their own Boy Scout troop turned into cash. The funds raised were then sent to a troop in Iowa, which was mourning the loss of four of its own, who were killed when a tornado ripped through their camp on June 13. Our troop earned over $800 in one weekend, but now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder how much they could have raised if they had worked cooperatively with the local retailers and self-storage facilities to further the cause.

Which brings me to you: How about seeking out some charitable causes of your own, thereby which helping out those in need and getting some press at the same time? Surely you can call the local Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Rotaries, Legions, etc., and inform them that your facility can be used for food donations, clothing drives, bottle and can collection, whatever, should they plan an event and need the resource. Then, when the time comes, call your local newspaper and let them know all the particulars. Maybe encourage a reporter/photographer to stop by your facility, where you can stage a "drop-off" photo to be published in the next edition. Free PR!

It doesn't always cost anything to support a cause, but such a cause can earn you respect, and more business, in the future.  

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