Yezco Concrete Polishing offers durable, polished, environmentally friendly floors that are suitable for self-storage facilities.

Yezco Concrete Polishing has created sustainable flooring solutions for self-storage facilities. The Superfloor process starts with a 25-grit grinding and goes up to a 3,000-grit polish to produce a dense, polished surface that is:

·   Protected against absorption of oil and other contaminants

·   Resistant to tire marks from fork trucks and other traffic

·   Flat and level


Superfloor has a dust-free grind process that filters out 99.9 percent of all airborne dust. In addition, there are no urethane or waxes applied, and no slurry, so no protective gear is necessary for application. New water-based dyes are used for environmentally friendly coloring. There is no down-time for chemical processes to cure. Info:

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