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July 26, 2022

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Roswell, GA, Amends Unified Development Code to Limit Self-Storage Development

The Roswell, Georgia, City Council has amended its unified development code to limit future self-storage projects. The decision was made following a recommendation from the Community Development and Transportation Committee, according to the source.

The change replaces “permitted use” to “limited use” for self-storage in industrial light zoning districts. It applies to indoor, multi-story self-storage as well as mini-storage and self-service warehouses.

The new zoning allows for limited use of self-storage on a minimum lot size of 2 acres. Outdoor vehicle storage is allowed, but loading bays must be located within buildings. Additional changes include a requirement for screening for exterior windows and barring roll-top doors from the building exterior. Finally, the first floor can’t contain storage units, but an office is allowed.

Source: The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Roswell Amends Language for Self-Service Storage  Use

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