Roll That Problem Outta Here! Self-Storage Operators Discuss Removing Abandoned Vehicles

January 10, 2024

1 Min Read

While offering vehicle storage at your self-storage facility can be a great way to generate ancillary income and reach a broader customer base, it does come with unique requirements and challenges. This is never more apparent than when a tenant becomes delinquent on rent or abandons their property. When this happens, you end up with a boat, RV, car or truck taking up one of your parking spots or units. To reclaim that space, you must follow strict procedures. You can’t simply auction the property like a pile of boxes, as there may be multiple owners or lienholders involved. A member of the Self-Storage Talk online community is experiencing this predicament after a tenant claimed to have sold their RV, but the new owner has yet to show up. If you’re looking for advice on the topic or have a story to share, join the discussion.

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