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Austin, TX, Entrepreneur Launches 'Crampt' Valet Self-Storage Service

Entrepreneur Kevin Knebel, CEO of document-management firm Contego Information Management, has launched Crampt Inc., a startup business specializing in valet self-storage in Austin, Texas. The company uses an online platform that allows customers to schedule item pickup, maintain a visual catalog of stored belongings, and schedule delivery of items to their home.

While other valet-storage operators have concentrated on by-the-bin storage and delivery services, Crampt targets residents who don’t have adequate home storage by offering four packages ranging from “Small” to “Extra Large.” Items are stored in a climate-controlled, secure warehouse, with space allotments based on cubic feet. The Small package provides 200 cubic feet for $73 per month, while the Extra Large plan offers 1,200 cubic feet for $284 per month, according to a company press release.

Individual items and bins are photographed, secured with zip ties, and tagged with unique identity codes. Customers aren’t allowed to visit the storage warehouse but can manage their belongings and schedule return deliveries through the company website. Pickups and deliveries are billed at $39 per hour. Single-item deliveries are $20. Expedited deliveries are available for an extra $20.

“People mean well when downsizing, but then store stuff for an average of five years and never touch it,” Knebel said. “Temporary storage units become long-term hoarding spaces. Crampt makes storage more useful and accessible.”

Based in Austin, Contego specializes in the storage and digitizing of physical documents for the education, finance, government, healthcare, human resources, insurance, legal, and oil and gas industries.

BusinessWire, Austin Entrepreneur Launches Storage Company to Take the Hassle out of Downsizing and Self-Storage
Crampt, Website

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