Increase Your Self-Storage Market Reach and Revenue Through a Rental-Truck Program

If your self-storage facility has one or more branded rental trucks, you have a golden opportunity to reach more prospects. Find out how you can use your vehicles to grab more attention and generate additional revenue.

CJ Stratte

August 14, 2021

5 Min Read

Around a million people a year rent a moving truck when relocating. Capturing a piece of that market boils down to one simple thing: Thinking outside the box.

While advertising to prospective self-storage tenants isn’t always easy, custom-branded rental trucks have proven to be a great resource for company recognition. These vehicles are seen on the road and attract attention, putting you top-of-mind for customers when it comes time to rent a storage unit or make a move. There’s no question that when marketed correctly, a branded moving truck will help you gain new tenants. Consider the following advice to make the most of your efforts.

Focus on Design

Eye-catching graphics on the outside of your self-storage trucks create a personalized, moving billboard. The vehicle advertises your facility anywhere and everywhere it happens to be, day and night, 24/7. It’s large and noticeable, and a constant promoter of your storage business.

Vehicle wraps give your company the best market exposure at a low cost. In fact, one wrap can generate up to 70,000 daily impressions! Viewers recognize a brand on a wrap advertisement 15 times more than on any other ad type. Most important, 30 percent people base their buying decision on seeing vehicle wraps, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America.

Designing custom graphics is the most exciting part of having your own self-storage rental truck. The art is so dynamic, and the possibilities stop only with your imagination. You could wrap your truck from headlights to the back ramp or go with a more conservative design. Graphic designers can help bring your vision to life. Moreover, wraps can fit just about any budget.

Use QR Codes

When quick-response (QR) codes debuted in 2011, they didn’t gain much traction. They were such a cool concept, but we didn’t have the right technology to leverage them. Now, they’re being used more often. These scannable, 2D codes can prompt a visit to your website, social media profiles or any hyperlink you use for your business. You can fulfill a variety of objectives such as linking to a landing page, directing users to leave you a review, accessing a special offer, viewing your Google Maps location and more.

One of the most obvious places to put a QR code is on your self-storage moving truck! You can easily add it to your graphics. You can also add it to your business cards, postcards and print advertising. It can be a tool to bridge your online and offline marketing.

Optimize Your Google Listing

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that can help self-storage facilities show up in local searches. Creating a listing is simple and will offer searchers detailed information such as property location and operating hours. Adding products and services like truck rental is useful for ranking in relevant searches, so be sure to add it to your listing. A complete description will appear when the user clicks on a product. Google might also link to your products from the section of categories.

It’s also important to upload photos to your GMB listing to showcase your truck. Adding pictures and videos regularly will show Google you’re active, and it’ll rank your business higher in search results. If someone is looking for a rental truck, Google might even recognize and show your vehicle.

Lean on Your Team

The easiest, fastest way to implement your truck-rental marketing strategy is through your self-storage staff. When they answer the phone, they can say something as simple as “ABC Storage! Home of the free rental truck! How may I help you?” After they determine the tenant’s move-in date and unit size, they should ask how the customer plans on moving into the facility. This is a great closing tool. They can reveal when the truck is available and reserve it for the customer immediately.

Create marketing materials with pictures of your rental truck. Feature your vehicles on all print materials including business cards, fliers and local advertisements. Provide some of this collateral when networking with local businesses, which is another great way to market your offering. Ask them to share the info with any customers who might need a truck. They can also notify other companies that your truck is available for commercial use. The more people who know about your vehicle, the better the word-of mouth.

Get Noticed

Trucks left hidden at the back of your facility are a wasted opportunity. It’s like never turning on your facility lights and signage at night. Your truck is a billboard that should be parked where everyone can see it. If your site isn’t on a main road, park your truck in a location that can direct people to you. You can do this by exchanging use of the truck for parking spots at local businesses. Taking your truck on errands around town creates more visibility as well.

Charities also have various needs for a rental truck. Offer your vehicle to nonprofits and other organizations for community goodwill. It might even end up on their social media or the local paper.

There are many ways a rental truck can provide exceptional marketing and advertising opportunities for your self-storage business. As with any profit center, seek the services of a specialist in this area to guide you. Just as you’re committed to providing your tenants an exceptional experience, rental-truck specialists will help you maximize your success with this unique service offering.

CJ Stratte is the marketing director for On The Move Inc., which offers a complete rental-truck program to the self-storage industry. Working at a storage facility has given her insight to the truck-rental experience, and she welcomes the opportunity to share tips for a successful program. To reach her, call 800.645.9949 or email [email protected].

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