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Supplier Spotlight: Certified Mail

May 1, 2006

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Supplier Spotlight: Certified Mail

If youve ever prepared documents for delivery by U.S. Postal Service Certified Mail, you know how time consuming it can be. Filling out the green cards, taking the mail to the post office and waiting in line are only a few of the nagging but important tasks self-storage operators face monthly.

States require pre-lien sale notices to be delivered by certified mail. In most cases, two such mailings must be performed prior to cutting the lock and holding the auction. Unfortunately, it may be weeks before the green card confirming proof of delivery is returned.

A simple solution for processing certified mail is provided by ADS, of Cary, N.C. The companys Docutrail system provides a web-based means of eliminating many chores related to preparing certified mail, and it securely stores proof-of-delivery data electronically.

With Docutrail, business owners log onto the secure website to create and download a USPS-approved mailing label, complete with postage. In less than a minute the label and shipping contents are ready to be inserted into a distinctive green poly envelope that clearly identifies it as certified mail. The envelope may be given to the USPS letter carrier or dropped into a nearby U.S. Postal Service collection box.

The system eliminates the need to handwrite postal forms and make actual trips to the post office. In the interest of time management, its no longer tempting to wait until a batch of documents is ready to be taken to the post office either. Notices are sent in a timely manner, shortening the cycle between delinquency and payment or auction.Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery as well as an acceptance signature is available from the same website shortly after delivery. This simple and easy process reduces the usual long wait time for return receipt. In addition, the shorter time to satisfy state statutes equates to quicker rental of your non-performing assetthe rental unit. For added assurance, data is archived, including proof of delivery and signature, on a secure site for up to seven years at no additional cost.

Market research indicates the self-storage industry is a perfect match for mailing needs and benefits, says Warren Willard, vice president of ADS. And, because there is no software to install, Willard adds, operators may use Docutrail alongside any self-storage management software presently being used without additional hardware or software investments.

Through monthly deposits, users prepay for postage, special certified mail envelopes and per-unit service fees. Fund transfers are posted electronically, and a detailed report of services is provided monthly. The concept of a click charge for each certified mail label used is customary in the industry and simplifies the accounting process with its pay-as-you-use-it method of service.

Most self-storage operators have realized the legal and financial implications of not handling delinquent rental situations in an exact and uniform manner can be costly. ADS serves the self-storage industry with a low-cost, effective tool to reduce potential risk. 

For more information about a certified mail solution, contact ADS at 888.462.1750; visit www.accountabledocs.com

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