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November 1, 2007

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Products & Services

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SMD Software
SiteLink Web Edition

SMD Software now offers SiteLink Web Edition with cost-saving features such as real-time access, online reports, ACH/bank draft, online payments and account management for tenants, a mobile-storage module and more. Customers need no additional hardware. SiteLink Web Edition operates when the Internet is out of service, is faster than SiteLink 2007, and requires no training because it looks similar to older versions. The software is user-friendly and vastly improves previous reports. Info: www.smdsoftware.com 

U.S. Door & Building Components
Model 502 Roll-Up Door

US Door & Building Components introduced the Model 502, a self-storage roll-up door specifically designed for maintenance-free operation and an installation time of less than five minutes. This line of doors has a wind-load rating of up to 120 mph without the need to incorporate additional wind locks. For applications requiring a wind-load rating of 140 mph, the doors use ultra-high-molecular nylon wind locks for ease of use and quiet operation. Additional features of the Model 502 include a 20-year warranty against chalking and fading on the paint finish and a 9.5-inch, fully enclosed barrel assembly. Doors are available in a variety of sizes and 22 colors. Info: www.usdoor.com 

American Steel Buildings
Interior Self-Storage Systems

American Steel Buildings, based in Tulsa, Okla., has developed an interior self-storage system engineered to help commercial property owners convert vacant buildings into profitable self-storage facilities. The process, called retro self-storage, allows a specialized crew to convert a 100-by-100-foot building into self-storage space in a few weeks. Since retro facilities are enclosed, entrepreneurs can create climate-controlled units to meet customers demands. Info: www.gosteelgo.com 

On The Move
ACTION Truck-Rental Program

On The Move has launched ACTION (Account Tracking and Insurance Online), an online truck-rental program accessible to the companys licensees. ACTION calculates rentals based on clients pricing, manages truck reservations, produces quotes, tracks all rental activity, and reports financial transactions. It also produces rental agreements, check-in and checkout documents, and claims forms on an as-needed basis. The program simplifies and increases the efficiency of all renting procedures and compiles all financial transactions for easy accounting. Info: www.onthemovetrucks.com 

Goin Postal
Express Kiosks

Goin Postal introduced three express kiosk models, the only authorized kiosks that may be added to an existing business to offer shipping services to consumers. They were designed to supplement products and services rendered at a variety of businesses, including convenience stores, gift shops, supermarkets, malls, department stores and self-storage facilities.

All-in-one shipping services can provide added convenience for exiting tenants as well as attract new customers to the site. Along with the purchase of an Express Kiosk, owners purchase franchise rights similar to those acquiring a full-service Goin' Postal shipping store, but with the benefit of being instantly profitable. Info: www.goinpostal.com 

Advanced Internet Services

USstoragesearch.com has developed advanced membership features that allow members to track the number of phone calls they receive from their Internet marketing efforts. Members can also listen to recorded calls in MP3 format for quality and training purposes and get sales training from industry experts. Each feature can be purchased a la carte by nonmembers. Info: www.usstoragesearch.com 

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