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Product Showcase: Box-Buddy Helps Self-Storage Renters Get a Grip

Box-Buddy, a small, inexpensive utility knife, punches hand-holds into the sides of corrugated boxes giving self-storage tenants a better grip on boxes when moving in and out of units.

July 30, 2009

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Product Showcase: Box-Buddy Helps Self-Storage Renters Get a Grip

Ouch! My back! I’m teetering on my left foot while kicking open the storage-locker door with my right. My arms are bowed around a heavy, slippery, cardboard box ... which is now sliding from my hands. I quickly shove my right knee under the box to break its fall, but lose my balance and slam my precious cargo into the wall. A stab of pain sears through my lower back. As my frustration flares up, in my mind I scream, “There must be a better way!”
With determination I vowed to win the fight against slick-sided cardboard boxes. It was in that moment the idea for Box-Buddy was born. I knew if I had a small, inexpensive utility knife to punch hand-holds into the sides of corrugated boxes, it would make everyone’s moving life that much easier.

Since boxes come in all shapes and sizes, it can be challenging to lift and handle them, even when they’re not full or heavy. Box-Buddy facilitates the handling of any cardboard container. This easy-to-use utility knife houses a dual-tong piercing fork and a cutting blade. The fork pushes through the corrugate, acting as a guide and allowing the blades to line up. With one quick squeeze, Box-Buddy cleanly creates box hand-holds in seconds.

With more than 45 million people in North America on the move every year, each using an average of 50 boxes that will be handled roughly six times during the move, there’s no question Box-Buddy can minimize back pain, and save time and aggravation.

Any box can instantly be converted to a manageable carry-all with one swift motion. The Box-Buddy is as essential to moving as the truck, bubble wrap, blankets and tape. The easy-to-grasp hand-holds make unloading stacked boxes a cinch. It’s clearly the smart way to move.

Box-Buddy is available exclusivelyfrom Chateau Products Inc. For more information, call 800.833.9296; visit www.chateauproducts.com.

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