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May 1, 2007

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Responding to the request from a large number of self-storage operators and developers, Sentinel Systems has entered the wireless door-alarm race with the completion and official release of a new wireless door-alarm system. Sentinel Systems was compelled to implement the very latest technology and features with this new design, raising the bar once more in the self storage industry.

Why Wireless?

Wireless door alarms are a smart idea for storage businesses new and old, for numerous reasons. First, in a new facility application, wireless systems eliminate the need to pull cable through the entire length of each building, thus reducing the amount of time, labor and cost of installation. This also eliminates the possibility of damage to the door-alarm cable during the installation process and protects the overall system. After the door-alarm system is installed, trouble shooting is simpler because theres far less wire to test and decipher which goes to each unit.

In an existing application, where many storage spaces are already occupied, adding the conventional wired alarm system would be extremely expensive to retrofit, involving labor costs and conduit to protect and deliver door wire to each space. Plus it avoids the unsightly look of having this framework on the outside of each building and the terrible inconvenience to installers and tenants accessing occupied units.

With the Sentinel wireless door-alarm system, the installer can simply mount the wireless door switch and a magnet to each unit. If the unit is vacant, the device can be mounted on the inside; if occupied, the wireless device is mounted on the outside. Using either method, your existing storage property can literally become individually door alarmed with the latest wireless door-alarm product on the market overnight!


The new Sentinel system comes with a utility belt full of useful features and safeguards, such as the anti-theft enclosure. By using encapsulated mounting hardware in our switchs packaging, the Sentinel wireless door switch will prevent any vandal from removing the device without alerting the store managers with a tamper attempt message.

The switch also includes a tamper-resistant cover, protecting the device from anyone attempting to open the wireless door alarm unit and trying to prevent it from transmitting vital door-status information to the managers office. Once again, any attempt to remove the cover will alert the stores managers of a tamper attempt.

Still another useful feature is the anti-defeat switch itself. It cannot be fooled with the extra magnet attempt. The wireless door-alarm switch will recognize the attempt and alert the manager once again of a switch-defeat attempt.

Although wireless door alarms have been around for a few years, Sentinel Systems has hit the ground running with this concept. The company has been introducing state-of-the-art security equipment for more than 30 years, so the advent of a new wireless product came naturally.

Delivering automated notification with a low-battery, open-door, closed-door and alarm, the Sentinel wireless door-alarm system will help keep your manager on top of property activities. This will also give existing and new operators an alternative to better protect their tenants property where, before, the idea may not have been feasible. 

David Essman is director of marketing for Sentinel Systems Corp. of Lakewood Colo. Sentinel Systems has been a manufacturer of self-storage software and security systems since 1975. For more information, call 800.456.9955 or visit www.sentinelsystems.com

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