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August 20, 2018

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New Flood Buzz Pro-01 Provides Early Warning for Potential Leaks at Self-Storage Facilities

Archetype Ltd., a product-development and manufacturing group, has introduced a new model in its Flood Buzz product line that can help self-storage operators identify potential leaks at their facilities. The small Flood Buzz Pro-01 can be placed inside each storage unit. When the two posts on the bottom of the device sense water, they trigger a 110-decibel alarm, according to a press release.

Flood Buzz includes a sealed battery and can be tested by dipping the prongs in water or placing them on a damp cloth. The product is reusable but should be replaced every three years. Available through authorized distributors, the product line includes four models designed for various applications.

Based in Short Hill, N.J., Archetype provides proprietary products to the commercial, industrial and homeowners’ markets. The company is managed by executives with decades of experience in senior distribution, manufacturing, product-development and marketing, according to its website.

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