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Janus International Launches SecurGuard Self-Storage Smart-Lock System

October 22, 2018

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Janus International Launches SecurGuard Self-Storage Smart-Lock System

Update 10/22/18 – Janus has updated its SecurGuard Smart Entry System with several new features, including the ability to customize access hours for individual self-storage tenants. Storage operators can also create specific access zones within their facilities and grant admission to individuals including maintenance workers or staff members. The update also has improved functionality with Bluetooth fobs, according to a press release.

In addition, the platform has been integrated with several facility-management software systems. “The natural next step was to integrate with a wide variety of property-management systems (PMS), and in doing so, streamline the rental process to allow site managers, as well as customers, the opportunity to interact with their sites and units in an elevated way,” Bagley said. “We’re excited to continue to grow our list of PMS integrations and look forward to changing the rental experience of more customers by doing so.”

3/2/18 – Janus International Group LLC, a manufacturer of self-storage roll-up doors and building components, has partnered with smart-lock manufacturer Nokē Inc. to offer a wireless, cloud-based, digital-key management solution that allows tenants to enter a self-storage facility and their individual units via mobile app. The SecurGuard Smart Entry System also allows site managers to enter and monitor all access points using a smartphone or tablet. The product is scheduled to become available nationwide on March 14, according to a press release.

“The new battery-powered and hybrid-battery-powered versions of the SecurGuard locking solution eliminates the need for extensive hardwiring and onsite access-control software, which were limitations of the first iteration of the product,” the release stated.

Tenants can use the app to access elevators, gates, overhang doors and other entry points, in addition to their units. Facility managers can access all entry points, including vacant units, as well as restrict tenant access to certain areas. Monitoring is achieved through unit-door and lock status, motion sensors, and smartphone notifications. Managers can also use the product to automate overlocking and release processes, and “potentially eliminate lock-cutting” under certain conditions, according to the Janus website.

SecurGuard is designed to integrate with rental-management software for “easy on-boarding” of tenants, as well as authorization and status updates. It provides tenant management, activity tracking and reporting capability through a Web portal.

Janus has beta-tested the smart locks with several self-storage operators nationwide. “Renters are already loving the app, and owners and operators are excited about the ease of installation of the new SecurGuard system,” said Terry Bagley, president of the Janus Door Entry & Facility Automation Division. “The new smart-unit system gives renters the convenience of mobile access to their unit, gates, man-doors and elevators, and allows [facility] owners to easily retrofit the locks on both occupied and vacant units.”

“We’re thrilled about the partnership, and we’re excited to offer facility owners more control over their sites,” said David Gengler, co-founder and CEO of Nokē. “By combining our smart-lock communication technology with Janus’ SecurGuard individual door-locking and monitoring solution, operators can track access to the facility and utilize the data to make better business decisions. The SecurGuard Smart Entry System provides owners with new revenue sources while improving the efficiency of labor intensive tasks like overlocking and lock checks. These tasks can now be automated, allowing site managers to focus on other sales and customer-service tasks.”

Janus was recently acquired by private investment firm Clearlake Capital Group LP, which has interests in the energy and industrial, food and consumer services, and software and technology sectors. The move is a part of a broad strategy to infuse Janus with resources to pursue product development and company growth, including acquisitions, according to company officials.

Headquartered in Temple, Ga., and founded in 2002, Janus is a global manufacturer and supplier of roll-up and swing doors, hallway systems, and re-locatable storage units for the self-storage industry. It operates 10 U.S. locations as well as manufacturing facilities in Europe and Mexico.

Nokē designs and manufactures smart locks to improve key management and security for buildings, ships, trucks, utility cabinets, warehouses and other applications.

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