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March 1, 2007

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CONTEST: Submit your correct answers by March 31, 2007, and youll be entered to win a deluxe I Love the ISS Vegas Expo poker set. Simply copy and fax the solved puzzle to 602.567.6857; or mail to Debbie Pirkey, Virgo Publishing, P.O. Box 40079, Phoenix, AZ, 85067-0079; or drop it off at the ISS exhibit booth during the ISS Vegas Expo, Mandalay Bay, Feb. 21-23. The winner will be announced on the ISS website, www.insideselfstorage.com, on April 1.

You must include your name, phone number, address and e-mail address so we may verify your entry and mail you the poker set.

SOLUTION: Visit www.insideselfstorage.com after April 1 and click on the current issue of ISS to see the puzzle solved.


1. Insurance-company representative

4. Allows America to overflow its garages

9. First, well need to see a DL __ __passport

10. ___ to the bone!

13. Provider of point-of-lease tenant insurance

15. Premiere; also with 4 across, a storage-insurance company

17. Nautical affirmative

18. Internet address

19. Class of best storage properties, times two

21. ID card used for background checks

23. ___ counsel

26. Musical scale note

27. True

29. Electron volt, for short

31. 1031 Exchanges are ___-free

32. Debt note

33. Everyone

34. 10-by-10?

35. Important contract (goes with 67 across)

37. Non-confidentiality pact, for short

39. UTs standard time

40. Over, prefix

41. Works with a number of insurance companies to get the best price for clients

45. Legal responsibility

47. Racket

50. Theyll sign no lease at your facility without it

51. Fashionable

52. Join another company

55. Writers

58. Martin and James, as well as Simpson; also a company managing underwriters of self-storage insurance

62. Government agency that sets policy for real property management

63. Seattle locale

64. Third in the family

66. Strong metal

67. See 35 across


1. Process to handle disputes before they go to court

2. Terminate

3. Conditions

4. Couch

5. Legal proceeding

6. Boat propeller

7. ___ now! Offer expires soon!

8. Some owners use it to auction delinquent tenants belongings

11. Cry of distress

12. Having failed to fulfill a contractual obligation

14. Wire service

16. Sweet stuff

20. ___ limitations: dollar-maximum on tenants stored belongings

22. Transmit

24. Alien too good for Earth

25. Fire

26. Packing material sometimes sold at storage facilities

28. Above-ground railway

30. Through

32. Computer department

34. Hollywood studio; also a storage-insurance provider now covering pollution-conditions

36. Yuletide

38. Period

41. Auction action

42. Star Wars Jedi

43. Relative

44. Newport locale

45. Court-enforced sale when storage bills go unpaid

46. Mid-morning hour

48. Reputation

49. Perceive

53. Atlanta locale

54. Surprise expression

55. Exercise class, abbr.

56. Large lake

57. Legal action

58. Negative prefix

59. Property guard with toothy liabilities

60. Have a debt to

61. Fannie ___

65. Welcome sight at your site: Move-___

ISS February Puzzler: Solution!

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