A-Lert Building Systems: Self-Storage Supplier Spotlight

July 29, 2008

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A-Lert Building Systems: Self-Storage Supplier Spotlight

A-Lert Building Systems Inc., a manufacturer of pre-engineered building systems for self-storage and other industries, has 30 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of a wide range of structures. Products include single- and multi-story buildings, standard and climate controlled. Services include facility design and site planning, engineer-stamped drawings, quick materials delivery and onsite construction.

In 1995, A-Lert became a division of Centurion Industries Inc., a nationwide supplier of diversified metal fabrication and industrial construction. In 2005, as business grew, A-Lert needed more space to fulfill its commitment to customers. In October, it moved into new headquarters in New Braunfels, Texas. The 48,000-square-foot facility on 12 acres accommodates staff, manufacturing systems, materials and a product showroom. Now, the company is again in the midst of an ambitious expansion that will let customers purchase supplies immediately.

Expansion and New Directions

A-Lert’s expansion plans consist of opening three new satellite facilities over the course of the next year. The first, in Terrell, Texas, is slated to launch in the latter part of this year. Staff and materials are already on board to move into this site. The company is working on the building for the second center near Houston, while the location of a third is yet to be determined.

In addition to providing A-Lert’s current services and products, the facilities will carry products on a more localized basis. This means customers who need materials or components for repairs can obtain them immediately.

“We are going to provide the same products in our main facility, but also want to keep a complete inventory at new facilities to sell to the general public,” says Brent Buckner, sales manager. “Customers will be able to buy products off the shelf that usually take weeks or months to order.”

Buckner anticipates that store owners will also be doing their own renovations or additions by being able to buy the products directly. “This is going to be the growing factor for us,” he says. “When a storage building needs immediate repair, our customers can go to the new satellite center and buy the materials on the spot.” In addition, A-Lert will have a salaried crew at each satellite center that can go onsite and assist the customer.

Core Values for Success

A-Lert’s core values drive the company toward its ultimate objective: to excel as an innovative provider with exemplary customer service. A-Lert wants to be known for doing the right thing the first time, not just the expedient thing. Relationships involve cultivating strong and lasting partnerships with employees, customers, suppliers and other players.

No successful venture is built without good, old-fashioned hard work by committed employees. The company works with the facility owner from project vision to facility opening. Each site goes through an extensive evaluation, starting with an assessment of the building. Before manufacturing, its design is value-engineered, a process that examines every component to determine if it’s the best choice or if a substitute will provide equal or better performance at lower cost. This keeps development fees to a minimum.

Diversity in Construction

A-Lert is part of Centurion Industries Inc., based in Garrett, Ind., which entered the storage-building business as a complement to its other operating divisions:

• A-Lert Construction Services, a supplier of millwrights and other general construction services, specializing in the agricultural processing and refining industry.

• TFC Canopy, a manufacturer and installer of metal-roof canopies in the gas station, convenience store and rental car markets.

• A-Lert Roof Systems, a manufacturer and installer of retrofit and new construction, standing-seam, metal roofs in the commercial market.

The company also has an independent safety department that audits compliance on all divisions in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Last year was A-Lert’s best yet, reports Buckner. “Our focus is to build relationships with our customers, and keep them for the long term,” he says. “Our customers know we do excellent work, and people just keep coming back.”

For more information on A-lert Building Systems, call 800.210.5375; visit www.alertbuildingsystems.com.

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