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3 Reasons Why Perimeter Fencing Should Be a Self-Storage Budget Priority

When it comes to setting a self-storage budget, some items can easily get overlooked. Guest blogger Todd Mattson of DCS Industries LLC offers three reasons why storage operators should make perimeter fencing installation or repair a budget priority.

Todd Mattson

September 7, 2017

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3 Reasons Why Perimeter Fencing Should Be a Self-Storage Budget Priority

With fall approaching, many self-storage operators are determining the best ways to allocate funds for their annual budget. Between efforts to promote the business, capital improvements to the property, a plan to hire new employees and other line items, some important expenditure considerations can get overlooked. One such item that may seem trivial at first is actually a crucial element of any commercial property—fencing that surrounds the perimeter of your property or encloses various sections within it.

When considering how to maximize your company’s budget for the coming year, here are three key reasons why self-storage owners should consider investing in new or repaired fencing:

1. Better curb appeal.

Fencing can improve the way prospective tenants and the public perceive a self-storage property by enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Quality fencing helps make an asset appear neat and well-maintained. If potential customers visit your facility and are greeted by a fence that’s rusty or dilapidated, they may assume the business is poorly managed. In contrast, fencing that’s in good repair can boost a property’s curb appeal as well as the perception of your brand.

Specifically, wrought-iron fencing is an excellent option for improving the appearance of a commercial property. Wrought iron offers a naturally elegant style and a malleable texture, which allows it to be shaped to suit any style. For example, sleek and understated wrought-iron fencing is ideal for a more contemporary look, while decorative fencing with scrolls and arches can accentuate properties with an opulent vibe.

2. Security against external threats.

Self-storage owners must ensure their property, including buildings and units, are secure from theft and vandalism. They’re also responsible for the safety of guests, tenants, employees and other visitors onsite. Therefore, it’s essential to control who has access. Well-maintained fencing creates a formidable barrier against would-be intruders. By reducing the risk of loss, commercial fencing is a great investment option for business owners looking to expend their budgets.

3. Improved safety.

As a barrier against unauthorized entry, wrought-iron fencing is also a particularly safe option because it can’t be easily climbed or damaged. Installing and maintaining secure fencing can help business owners minimize their liability by safeguarding customers, employees and guests from danger.

Wrought-iron fencing is a valuable improvement to any commercial property. Because it tends to last for a long time before needing repair or replacement, it also offers a strong return on investment. When dedicating a portion of your budget on fence installation or repair, you shouldn’t have to worry about this important aspect of your property for years to come.

Todd Mattson is owner of DCS Industries LLC, a Phoenix-based provider specializing in custom wrought-iron fencing for commercial and residential properties. Founded in 2003, the company also offers gates, security fencing, RV and rolling gates, commercial and residential powder coating, and more. For more information, call 623.825.7700; visit www.dcs-ind.com.

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