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The Webinar Revolution

May 1, 2004

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The Webinar Revolution

Technology is all about options. The digital revolution has impacted businesses around the world, and more people are choosing to work from home. Many modifications and improvements to communication have made it possible to remotely perform the majority of everyday business tasks. Similarly, conferences, seminars, meetings and training no longer require participants physical presence. Conference rooms are going empty, and the seminar is being replaced by the webinar.

A webinar is a web-based seminar that can incorporate live or archived audio and video streaming, slideshows and desktop sharing. All that is required is a computer and a phone line. The user can call, click or dial in from virtually anywhere, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming travel.

How It Works

To conduct webinars, a company sets up an account with one of the hundreds of web-conferencing services available on the Internet. It then has a choice of various services, depending on the provider. If a phone line is the primary connection, the company is assigned a permanent phone number (usually toll-free) and an entry code to use every time a webinar takes place. All webinars are held through the service providers website, which can be accessed at any point via the assigned code.

When a company is ready to host a webinar event, its designated liaison sends out an e-mail invitation and schedule, complete with a link and instructions to access the providers website. At the scheduled time, the liaison accesses the providers system via the web or, in some instances, a telephone, to log in and initiate the virtual meeting.

Following suit, the attendees also log into the website. If streaming audio is not used, they will also call the assigned phone number, which will connect them with other attendees. Participants can then view step-by-step screen shots and video that corresponds with what the presenter is saying. At any time, they can jump in and ask questions. Those who cannot attend during the scheduled time can access the proceedings afterward via an online archive.

Why Use a Webinar?

There are several reasons to use web-conferencing services. To list a few, webinars:

  • Streamline meeting, seminar and training processes.

  • Help keep costs low, saving money.

  • Only require a phone and computer.

  • Can be accessed by anyone in the world at any time.

  • Allow for increased customer and employee interaction.

  • Are effective and reliable.

  • Do not require the user to be web savvy.

  • Are convenient.

  • Allow small companies to offer a higher level of service to the consumer.

Everything is about merging. Being wireless and getting rid of unnecessary components is essential in maintaining a modern infrastructure. Integration is key. A harmony can be found in the webinar, which allows businesses to keep things simple while increasing customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, and profits.

Businesses around the world are catching on to this trend. Webinars allow people to know and do more without having to pull themselves in a thousand different directions. Any business can use and benefit from a webinar. They really work!

April Howard is part of EnGenius Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of long-range, industrial cordless phones and wireless land-area network products for multiple industries, including self-storage, warehousing, manufacturing, business enterprise, grocery and retail, assisted living and others. Its products mobility, flexibility, and ability to penetrate concrete and steel, have made them popular for self-storage applications. For more information, call 888.735.7888; visit www.engeniustech.com.  EnGenius uses Infinite Conferencing for all of its webinar needs. Visit www.infiniteconferencing.com.

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