The Other Side Academy Launches Valet-Style Self-Storage Service in Murray, UT

March 16, 2022

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The Other Side Academy Launches Valet-Style Self-Storage Service in Murray, UT

The Other Side Academy, a vocational and rehabilitation program that operates in Colorado and Utah, recently added valet-style self-storage services to its moving business in Murray, Utah, and relaunched the initiative as The Other Side Moving & Storage. In addition to end-to-end moving services, the company now offers pickup and delivery options for stored belongings, according to the source.

Through the service, business and residential customers can have the company pack and inventory their belongings, which are then stored in a temperature-controlled warehouse. To retrieve items, they must provide 24-hour notice. Packing, storage and retrieval are all included in one monthly fee, the source reported.

“If a customer wanted to remove, say, just a cooler for a weekend outing, it’s easy with our system,” said facility manager Matthew Sims. “A customer would just call us in advance, and we would deliver the box that contained the cooler because it’s inventoried. The customer could just remove what they want and be on their way.”

The Other Side Academy is a nonprofit, self-sustaining program that doesn’t receive taxpayer or private funds, though it does accept private donations for capital expenditures. It operates using proceeds from the moving and storage business as well as other initiatives, according to the source. Its two-year residency program is designed to give social, vocational and life skills to those troubled by alcohol, drugs, homelessness and incarceration.

The students don’t pay tuition but help run the organization’s business programs. “The students do all the work,” said Sims, an academy graduate. “With that, they get room and board, and the skills to change their lives.”

The storage facility was launched initially with the help of donations and loans from community members and organizations, the source reported.

Founded in 2015, The Other Side Academy offers vocational training, education, peer counseling, mentoring and transitional services. Its moving and storage businesses serve the Denver and Salt Lake City metropolitan areas.

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