You’ve Got to Go! Evicting a Self-Storage Tenant

November 29, 2023

1 Min Read

Generally speaking, self-storage operators like to have long-term tenants. It’s good for business to have loyal customers who contribute to a consistent revenue stream. However, every facility seems to have one or two renters who aren’t so great. Some can be outright troublemakers. In these cases, you might be happy to see them vacate and never return. Fortunately, storage units are rented month to month, and you have the option to terminate a lease whenever you choose. That doesn’t mean the tenant will comply, though. What happens if you send an eviction notice and they refuse to move out? What can you legally do about it? Jump on over to this thread on the Self-Storage Talk online community to share stories and strategies with your peers. You might learn some things you never even considered!

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