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Our Managers Are TalkingOh My!

Amy Campbell

May 31, 2010

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Our Managers Are TalkingOh My!

The duties of an onsite manager are way too numerous to cover in one short blog. A good manager handles many aspects of running the business. Great managers are ones I’ll define as those who have a great owner that allows them to make decisions for the good of the company.  Great managers may wear many more varied hats in addition to those worn by good managers. No matter which category a person may find themselves in, there is help available.

In our daily business lives, we may come across something that befuddles us or defies explanation. Yet, again, there is help available. This help in running your business—from the mundane to the eccentric—can all be found at the tip of your fingertips.

Since publically joining this valuable resource back in its infancy in April 2008, I can’t tell you how much information, tips and ideas I’ve gained at no cost to our company. Industry experts in every aspect of the business are registered users of this resource. So what is it?

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you already know the answer, but for those of you new to this page, click here. Since the Self-Storage Talk forum went live in December 2007, many self-storage operators, myself included, have skulked about in the shadows. I read and absorbed. Then one day I just wanted to respond to something I read. So what did I do? I simply clicked a button, put in a user name and password and a few hours later, I could type away and interact with other owners, operators and vendors!

Self-Storage Talk offers unparalleled access to so many great minds, and the education you gain is absolutely free! From what management software people prefer to the various ways to clean your property, it’s all there for the viewing.

Several owners have said they don’t want their managers sharing as they were “giving away secrets to the competition.” Secrets? Huh? In storage? Nope, just new ways of implementing the same concepts. What I hear are uninformed people who don’t understand that the more an employee learns and broadens his horizons, the more of an asset that employee is to the owner.

Where else can an owner educate, or simply offer a place to gently vent about work-related frustrations to an employee at no cost?  Some of our favorites lines for the newly joined members are: “Jump in and post. The water is warm.” “Don’t worry, Astro doesn’t bite.”

Say hello to MisterJim444, better known and loved as industry veteran Jim Chiswell, or meet ISS cartoonist and contributor John Roser. Other SST regulars include Mel Holsinger, Autodoc (SST’s leading poster), Ralph87gn, MusicCityGal, Shaekirk, Chef Michael, Tall Terri, JulieA, LisaT and so many more wonderful and colorful characters. Each and every one is open to ideas and concepts.

Say you’re looking for an opinion or validation as to whether that fantastic marketing idea of yours has potential, ask. You’ll get advice from those who thought of it before you. They’ll share the good vs. the pitfalls. Are you afraid of something? You’ll find support and empathy along with advice to help you learn to speak publically without freezing up. Do you want some great advice about how to get involved in your community? How to throw a great party on the cheap or how to entice people to visit your site?

There’s an abundance of topics from which to choose and so many people willing to share their wealth of knowledge free to all simply for the asking. There are no secrets in our industry, no magic fairy dust, but there are experienced people willing to help you along the way. Now's the time to join the fun. Who knows what great things you'll learn or what others can learn from you.    

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Amy Campbell

Editor, Inside Self Storage

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