Buttermilk Pike Self Storage Owner Sues City Over Flagpole Height in Crescent, KY

August 11, 2021

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Buttermilk Pike Self Storage Owner Sues City Over Flagpole Height in Crescent, KY

John Huffman, owner of Buttermilk Pike Self Storage in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, is suing the city over a flagpole he recently installed at his facility. The 199-foot pole at 2550 Schmidt Lane exceeds the maximum height of the building, which is a zoning violation. Though Huffman requested a variance from the city’s board of adjustments, he was denied. Now he’s filed a lawsuit over what he calls a vague zoning code, according to the source.

Huffman was notified about the violation via letter from Planning and Development Services of Kenton County 10 days after the flagpole went up. The maximum pole height for any property is determined by total structure height, which in this case is 40 feet, according to planning manager Andy Videkovich.

Huffman said he invested $160,000 in the flagpole, which is a tribute to his mother-in-law, who escaped Cuba. It also commemorates his American pride and honors military veterans and first responders, he told a source.

Before proceeding, Huffman searched the city’s zoning code for restrictions but didn’t see anything related to flagpoles and businesses, he said. Officials assert that the ordinance is valid and enforceable, according to attorney Mike Baker, who’s representing the city in the lawsuit. Zoning for flagpoles is included in the rules regarding signage, the source reported.

Huffman hopes to reach an agreement with the city, so he won’t be forced to remove the tribute. “I just can't imagine taking it down. You know, to me, I think it's inspirational. I like to see it; other people like to see it. I mean, what's the problem?” said Huffman, who created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to cover his legal costs.

Huffman also owns Beechgrove Self Storage & U-Haul in Independence, Kentucky. Both locations are family-operated.

Local 12 News, NKY Business Owner Sues City Over Restrictions on The Height of His American Flag Pole


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