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Vivilon Coatings Inc.

July 1, 2002

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Vivilon Coatings Inc.

How many times have you heard the business maxims "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" or "Image is everything"? We accept these statements' validity because they confirm our own experiences of making quick judgments about businesses based solely upon their appearance.

In the self-storage business, facilities that don't project a first-class image are at a competitive disadvantage to those that do. In a customer's mind, a property that looks great translates into a clean, safe and secure place to store their valuable personal belongings. The only question left for operators is how to achieve and continually maintain a sharp appearance within often limited budgets. Since the most obvious component of a facility's curb appeal is the condition of its painted surfaces (doors, walls, fascia, signs and even fences), that's the logical place to start.

Since 1979, one company has made it a mission to provide a quick, effective and inexpensive solution to appearance restoration and maintenance problems. Vivilon Coatings Inc. of Miami, Fla., developed a one-part (no mixing required), easy-to-apply, high- performance, clear-polymer color rejuvenator and surface protector. While the chemistry involved is complex, the restoration process is simple. First, ChemScrub, a concentrated chemical cleaner specifically formulated to quickly and easily remove all oxidation and surface contamination, is brushed onto the surface and rinsed off with water. When dry, the result is a mechanically and chemically clean surface ready for the coating application.



Although other application methods are also acceptable, the ideal way to apply Vivilon restorer is to spray it on. This achieves speed and the finest finish. Its synthetic moisturizing molecules penetrate into and completely encapsulate weather-damaged pigments with image enhancers to guarantee exact original-color restoration.

As it quickly air dries, Vivilon's blend of extended-wear acrylic and nylon resins microbond with the existing surface to create maximum adhesion. Within minutes, an impermeable, virtually maintenance-free weather barrier is created that is guaranteed not to crack, peel, discolor or lose its gloss for a minimum of five years. However, actual exterior-exposure durability often exceeds 10 years. And, even then, whenever it starts to fade, it is easily reapplied after a quick cleaning for additional years of carefree service. Application can be done by in-house maintenance personnel with factory technical support or by Vivilon certified contractors.

Vivilon can offer this outstanding performance because its unique combination of state-of-the-art light absorbers and stabilizers filter out the damaging effects of ultraviolet light in much the same way sunscreen lotions protect skin from getting burned on a sunny day. Even after many years of grueling environmental conditions, the like-new appearance is preserved. This fact was attested to by a four-year research project conducted by a government agency that concluded "Vivilon Clear Coat Protectant did perform as claimed by the manufacturer, withstanding repeatedly harsh weather conditions and high-pressure washing with strong detergents."

In addition, Vivilon coated surfaces are electrically and thermally insulated, graffiti-protected, dirt-repellent, and, at the customer's request, available in any variety of finishes from standard high gloss to semi-gloss, satin or matte. Also, if a color change is ever desired, Vivilon can be factory-mixed to any color with premium automotive-grade pigments, as opposed to the lesser quality achitectural-grade commonly used in most store-brand paints.

While the company has restored almost 200 self-storage facilities in the past few years, it has also done thousands of school bus fleets, trucking companies (Roadway, Yellow Freight, UPS and U.S. Postal Service), restaurants (McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's and Bob Evans), hotels (Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Sheraton and Marriott), as well as U.S. Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and several state Air National Guard properties.

No matter what the challenge to restoring and preserving painted, fiberglass, extruded or plated surfaces to perfection, Vivilon founder and product formulator, Bill Rice, states, "Our company motto says it all: We make anything old look new again." For more information, call 800.VIVILON; fax 305.665.1490; visit www.restorefadedpaint.com.

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