June 1, 2003

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SnoBlox is a clear snow guard, molded of polycarbonate, which sits in the flat part of a metal-roofing panel.

SnoBlox is a scrutinizing owner's choice for an inconspicuous, high-quality and economical solution for controlling the dangerous release of snow and ice on glossy coated metal roofing. The larger Ace model fits more common panels, while the Deuce model is capable of fitting panels with narrower rib spacing. Both aesthetically pleasing, clear models feature a flat, unpointed face that holds all frozen precipitation stationary until it can melt off safely. SnoBlox can be attached by screws with sealant applied underneath, or adhesive where roof penetration is not desirable. By molding a waffled texture into the mounting surface, maximum adhesion is increased, thus eliminating the need for a large obtrusive base. For more information, visit www.snoblox.com or call 717.697.1999.

What are SnoBlox snow guards and why are they necessary?

SnoBlox is a clear snow guard, molded of polycarbonate, which sits in the flat part of a metal-roofing panel. There it holds snow and ice in place until it melts off gradually and safely. Snow guards provide ultimate protection for pedestrians and prevent property damage caused by sliding snow and ice. Polycarbonates like LexanR are UV-stabilized and virtually unaffected by weather.

Are the dimensions, shape and mounting methods of a snow-guard system important?

The height and shape of the face of a snow guard determines its ability to hold back layers of ice and snow. A snow guard needs to be mounted in the lowest portion of a roofing panel where the snow and ice actually moves. A flat, unpointed surface should stand at least the height of the seam, creating a connected field to hold snow and ice stationary until it can melt off safely. On a standing-seam, floating-type roof, the snow guard should be mounted only with adhesive. This mounting method does not restrict normal thermal expansion and contraction of floating metal-roof panels. It also provides a release feature that prevents panel damage. This completely eliminates any potential impairment to the seams. The smooth edges of SnoBlox reduce the likelihood of personal injury during installation and normal roof maintenance.

Should I use color-matched or clear snow guards?

This matter is one of preference. Clear snow guards are far less noticeable on a roof than colored ones. A color-matched snow guard will act as a sundial and cast a shadow with the sun all day. Also, if the snow guard is not the same material as the roof, painted at the same time with the same type of paint, the rate of fading will be different. This will make the color-matched snow guards more noticeable over time.

Do you recommend mounting snow guards with tapes?

Snow guards provide ultimate protection for pedestrians and prevent property damage caused by sliding snow and ice.

Tapes have very little or no UV stabilization and tend to roll up underneath the snow guard when exposed to shear loads. Tapes do not last very long, as their adherent properties change with outside UV exposure over time. Tapes have always been just a temporary solution for mounting a snow guard in cold weather. Surebond SB-190 clear-sealant adhesive should be used for adhering SnoBlox.

Is spacing important?

The correct spacing of a snow-guard system is as important as the proper selection of materials that go into the design of a building. SnoBlox provides fast, free spacing layouts based on the roof pitch, panel runs from the ridge to the eave, rib spacing between the ridges of the panel, and the snow-load design of the roof. There is also a chart available at the SnoBlox website or upon request to quickly help determine the quantity of snow guards necessary for a project.

What other products does SnoBlox carry for snow-avalanche protection?

There is now a new product called VentSaver that adds support and strength to vent pipe, chimney or mast. The innovative fin design cuts through ice and snow, and installation is quick and easy. VentSaver is made from noncorrosive aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and aircraft cable. The 151 series will fit any roof pitch and any size vent pipes up to 4 inches in diameter, standing higher than 6 inches. The 383 series will also fit any roof pitch and pipe or chimney sizes from 1 inch to 14 inches in diameter, standing higher than 9 inches. The beauty of these products is the variety of applications they will fit, as well as the ease of installation. VentSaver eliminates the need for unattractive, costly crickets and may be installed on any existing roof as well as new construction. This product may be used with or without snow guards.

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