Show Off on Self-Storage Talk

Though no one likes to brag, Self-Storage Talk users are known for showing off their successes. Community Manager John Carlisle explains why this is an essential component of the forum.

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

May 20, 2010

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Show Off on Self-Storage Talk

Though Self-Storage Talk, the official online forum of Inside Self-Storage, is often billed as a place to ask questions and connect with industry experts and peers, it's also a great place to do something really fun: show off. In fact, it's a place to show off and not feel guilty about it.

Our parents may have taught us not to be boastful, and it's true that no one likes someone who won't stop with the "Look how awesome I am" comments, but believe me when I say that sharing your successes is welcomed and encouraged on Self-Storage Talk.

In fact, I think you'll find that the community wants and needs to hear and see good things happening at facilities. Good news from others inspires optimism that if some businesses are doing great things and attracting positive attention, then others can do the same.

User MusicCity Gal operates a facility in Nashville, Tenn., which as you know was just hit with terrible flooding this month. As the city cleans up from one of the worst natural disasters in its history, her facility chipped in with a combined flood relief and annual spring event. (The latter was planned before the flood). I wasn't there, but I know it was fantastic because of the video MusicCity Gal shared. She used the forum to show others the good her facility is doing in Nashville, and the community responded with enthuastic, positive praise.

Another example also comes from our Marketing forum. User Fainer is the co-creator of the zany YouTube videos from Kernersville, N.C.-based Access Self Store, and he joined the forum for the distinct reason to share some of the brilliant and hilarious videos he and his team have put together.

Lastly, two different threads allow users to share links to their facility websites. Part I was so popular that Part II was necessary. Users are allowed to post links to their sites (providing a definite search-engine optimization benefit), receiving value feedback—and often praise—from their peers. Hundreds of replies later, this thread is still active.

In short, there's nothing wrong with bragging a little, especially when someone can learn from your success and turn it into some of their own. I hope you'll join us at Self-Storage Talk to do some showing off.

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Amy Campbell

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