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Self-Storage Social Media: Are You Doing It Right?

When it comes to social media, self-storage operators need to come off as "human," not marketing machines. Posting your weekly specials or boasting about your facility's climate control isn't going to gain you customers. Here's how to revamp your social-media agenda.

Amy Campbell

January 17, 2013

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Self-Storage Social Media: Are You Doing It Right?

By Amy Campbell

When Twitter first came on the scene, what seems like eons ago, I timidly created an account (AmyC17) to post info about ISS. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing, if Id gain any followers, or even what I should say. I just knew it was a marketing vehicle I could hop on to promote ISS articles, share my opinions on the industry and connect with other people in self-storage.

While I have a better understanding of how to capitalize on social-media sites like Twitter to promote my business, which is the ISS brand, Im probably still not doing everything correctly. So I was happy to come across an article about all the things business owners are doing wrong when it comes to social media. Written by Dave Kerpen, author of  Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook and Other Social Networks, the article says business owners have to stop thinking about a marketer and start thinking like a customer. He says, ... the secret to social media is in the social more than in the mediait's in being human.

Not surprising, his first tip is to listen more. And rather than just telling people to follow you on Twitter or Facebook, you need to show them why they should follow you. Basically, whats in it for them? Im not talking about offering a discount either. Rather you should impart information that only you have, such as offering packing tips, helping tenants avoid late fees or sharing a business or industry article. These are all good ways to be human rather than a marketer.

Kerpen also suggests posting pictures and videos, and to even pose questions to your followers. Again, this shows youre not there just to push your service but actually be a part of the community and you have their well-being at heart.

Lastly, Kerpen says you do have to spend time cultivating your social-media platforms. It doesnt have to be hours every day, but it does need to be consistent. Twitter makes this easy with short posts. And who says every Facebook post has to be half a page long? Take a cue from your teenagers and post short comments every few days, share a joke or photo, or an interesting article. You just might attract more followers who will, hopefully, become loyal customers. 

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Amy Campbell

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