Self-Storage Owners Face Rebuilding, Other Repercussions Following Facility Fire in Byfleet, Surrey, England

June 12, 2023

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Self-Storage Owners Face Rebuilding, Other Repercussions Following Facility Fire in Byfleet, Surrey, England

Update 6/12/23 – Residents living near the Access Self Storage in Byfleet, Surrey, England, that burned down last month are expressing concerns that fumes from the blaze are negatively affecting their health. Though the smoke has cleared, there’s still a faint unpleasant smell lingering in the area, creating anxiety in those living near the building, according to a source.

Brett Benson, who lives within view of the storage facility, is worried his wife’s recent health issues could’ve been caused by the blaze. Other residents, including one with asthma, say the stench is causing breathing problems and have asked authorities to determine if the air is hazardous. They also expressed concern about the kinds of debris that’ll permeate the atmosphere once demolition begins, a source reported.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service told the source it hasn’t received any calls from community members since its last inspection on May 25. A representative said the odor will likely remain until the structure is demolished.

The fire also damaged the adjacent Screwfix home-improvement store, which remains closed. A spokesperson for the business said the company isn’t aware of any health concerns stemming from the fire.

5/31/23 –  After a disastrous May 18 fire that destroyed most of their multi-story building, the owners of Access Self Storage in Byfleet, Surrey, England, plan to demolish what remains of the structure and rebuild. The decision comes after an inspection by the Woking Borough Council deemed the edifice to be dangerous, according to sources.

It took fire crews nearly three days to extinguish the inferno at 105 Oyster Land, and the facility has remained closed since. The cause of the fire is being investigated by three separate organizations including Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, and the companies that insured the building and tenant contents. No one was injured during the incident, and investigators have already determined that the building was in full compliance of fire-safety regulations and possessed current certification, a source reported.

“We fully appreciate how upsetting this news is for our customers, and we are now issuing claim forms to customers with contents protection,” a spokesperson for Access said in statement. “While we are focused on progressing matters as quickly as possible, the safety of customers and staff is paramount. We thank everyone for their patience while we allow the relevant authorities to complete their investigations and inspections.”

Access operates 60 self-storage facilities in the United Kingdom. In addition to traditional and vehicle storage, it offers records management as well as rental office space and warehouse storage at select properties.

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