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SAF-T-BOX Manufacturing

September 1, 2002

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SAF-T-BOX Manufacturing

SAF-T-BOX Manufacturing, a U.S. manufacturer and renter of high-security, ground-level, portable storage containers, is introducing two new units to its product line of containers and offices. The EZ Vault and the Heavy-Duty (HD) EZ Vault offer many advantages to the self-storage industry. They are quick and easy to assemble, deliver, retrieve and store. Self-storage facilities can now offer pick-up and delivery at the customer's location.

The EZ Vault.

The EZ Vault is easily towed by a car.

The SAF-T-TOTE with the HD EZ Vault

The EZ Vault with the SAF-T-TOTE

The EZ Vault is 5 by 8 feet, all-steel construction, and weighs approximately 750 pounds. It has an 18-gauge steel roof, 26-gauge galvanized-steel side panels and a 14-gauge diamond-plate steel base. The frame is constructed from 1-by-2-inch tubular steel. This unit is designed to hold up to 2,000 pounds of storage and kept in a warehouse after being loaded.

The HD EZ Vault is an outdoor, high-security unit. This vault is 5 by 8 feet and features all-steel construction but weighs 1,250 pounds. Its 18-gauge steel roof and siding is crimped and corrugated for extra strength. The 14-gauge, diamond-plate steel floor has a framework made from 3-by-4 3/16-inch steel tubing. This heavy-duty unit includes a fully enclosed high-security lock pane that sits flush inside the lock box, making it impervious to break-ins. The HD EZ Vault also has 8-foot-wide double doors for easy entry. This unit is an ideal solution for lot-line limitations and instant rental units on unimproved surfaces. Its watertight construction means it can be rented to customers offsite, saving facility space. Bolt-in shelving is also available.

The two models bolt together without welding. Both units are powder-coat painted as opposed to wet paint, virtually eliminating rust problems with proper maintenance. Custom colors are available with a minimum required order. Units are built with large forklift pockets and can be stacked three high, even when full. These vaults are in many ways an upgrade to current wood and metal boxes, requiring no expensive vinyl covers and little maintenance.

SAF-T-BOX's EZ Vaults can even be transported without the expense of a forklift. The SAF-T-TOTE is a new pallet carrier that combines the lifting power and material-handling flexibility of a forklift and the highway-speed transportation capacity of a large truck. It can carry loads up to 4,500 pounds, and can ride behind a car or pickup truck with a standard ball hitch. Just back the SAF-T-TOTE forks through the EZ Vault forklift pockets and raise it with its powerful, electrically driven, hydraulic lift. Install the two safety bars and locking keys, and release the hydraulic pressure to lower the weight onto the spring-loaded frame.

In addition to the EZ Vaults, SAF-T-BOX's line of containers includes 8-by-10-, 8-by-22- and 8-by-40-foot units. For more information, call 800.818.0000 or 817.246.3361; visit www.SAF-T-BOX.com.

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