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Amy Campbell

March 1, 2007

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Merge Left

A guest blog spot by ISS Associate Editor Elaine Foxwell

Elaine with her equine friend, Slayer.

I creep onto the self-storage Information Superhighway in my Blogmobile for the first time. The infotraffic is flying by so fast it feels more like Im on the Information Autobahn.


I cautiously accelerate in the right lane, summoning up the courage to increase my virtual velocity and merge left. I shove the Blogmobile into third gear and, as it backfires and belches smoke, I begin to change lanes. No wait theres a humongous semi bearing down on me. Timidly, I veer back into my slow lane. As the behemoth roars by I see a huge sign on its side that says, Self Storage Resources.


I must see what this is all about. I shove my foot down on the mobiles accelerator and, coughing and groaning, it reluctantly speeds up behind the monster gigabyte truck. Its rear doors proclaim, Storage info: 72 million sites. Just Google It!

Now, I have been in this industry a while, and I know this magazine has been a valuable resource for more than 16 years but 72 million sites! The mind boggles.


Then I see other vehicles zipping by: vans advertising Self-Storage Marketing Strategies, trucks claiming lower your insurance riskask me how, SUVs packed with ancillary products and plastered with hundreds of contact numbers. The associations zip by fast, furious and protective like Ninja motorcyclists. And thousands of sub-compacts flash info about facilities with rates and units sizes.

Truly, this info-autobahn is a thing to marvel.


Well, I am in the middle lane now, cruising somewhat hesitantly but gaining confidence with every blogging moment. The Blogmobile has stopped shaking and less blue smoke is coming from its exhaust. But it is clear to keep up with these virtual changes that are occurring faster than the speed of a quasar, Id better trade in this vehicle. Say for a sleek new shuttlecraft so I can really explore this cyberspace.


Watch for me bi-monthly as I contribute to the Storage Speak blog!

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