December 1, 2006

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The advent of winter truly feels like a season of renewal to me. Everybodys aura seems softer and jollier. Folks are quicker to proffer the benefit of the doubt and a helping hand. Somewhere between the rum balls, evergreens and frantic spending, healthy perspectives even make an appearance. Here in Phoenix, we stop sweating for a couple of months, a sign of renewal to rival all others.

This issue of ISS is about the people who fuel self-storage facilities. The staff those dedicated folks who keep the office Yule log burning bright, and their clients toasty and content with visions of safely stored sugarplums.

Operators expect their managers to give their all, and hopefully their staff feels the same way. My question is this: Are your employees getting what they need? Do you notice when they do a good job, care enough to get them quality training, and reward good performance and ingenuity?

I dont think its possible to overestimate the power of acknowledging and investing in your people. Being the boss is an exciting privilege. You can shape diamonds from the rough, inspire bright newcomers to embrace a fulfilling career, and mete justice to outstanding workers!

Like most of us, Ive had my share of lousy bosses. Id likely still be a fervent devotee of newspaper journalism had my editor bothered to notice my daily commitment. That job was like a religion to me, but I left. Even the most dedicated people can only work in the shadows for so long. After a while, theyll lose their drive or seek their day in the sun elsewhere.

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. Ancient manunderstandably freaked out by the increasingly long nightsbegan celebrating the event as the return of the sun, a promise of brighter days. This December, bring the spirit of renewal to your business. Start with 5 Simple Rules for Staff on page 94. And managers, help take control of your own destiny by introducing creative ideas to the boss man (page 126).

In the meantime Have yourself a merry little office party!

Kimberly Hundley 
[email protected] 

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