Less Mess Equals Less Stress: Tidying Up Your Self-Storage Work Environment

Does your self-storage workspace make you feel energized and efficient or stressed and unproductive? A messy desk can sabotage your job performance and adversely affect your mental health. Consider the following to tidy up your environment.

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

September 2, 2022

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Something that has become an obsession for me of late is organization. I’ve gleefully watched both seasons of “The Home Edit” and, of course, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.” Yes, I’m one of those who likes bins in drawers, cute baskets, and a home that looks and feels decluttered. However, one thing I’ve learned from my organization journey is you’re never really done. You might think you have the kitchen, your closet or a room exactly where you want it … then life happens, and you need to rethink your plan.

One area that’s always on my mind is my office. Since I work from home, keeping this little slice of the house organized is critical to ensure I’m productive as well as comfortable. Earlier this year I took some huge steps to make my office more enjoyable and efficient. The place where I spend such a large portion of my week is now inviting, organized and aesthetically pleasing.

As you read this blog, you’re likely in your own office, whether it’s at home, a company building or the main space at a storage facility. Take a look around. Is the area meeting your needs? Does it help you feel energized and creative or scatterbrained and anxious? Do you struggle to do your job effectively because the front counter is too high, your desk isn’t ergonomically correct, the printer is across the room, or the lighting is poor?

The central hub of a self-storage facilities has undergone a huge shift. Once considered an afterthought and not too important, these spaces have been revamped in the last decade. They’re now bigger so there’s room for a retail store, comfy furniture and even beverage stations. This is all wonderful for your tenants.

Sometimes, however, these places can lack organization and employee comfort. Perhaps you must lean over the counter awkwardly when explaining the rental agreement. Or turning your computer monitor to show a tenant your screen is difficult. Maybe the printer isn’t in proximity to your workstation, or you must rummage through your desk drawers to find office essentials like paperclips or extra pens. Or you squirm in your chair because it’s old and worn. All these can be frustrating and leave you loathing your workspace.

If you’re battling these or other challenges, it might be time for an office refresh. Fortunately, creating a better environment doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Take my love of those wonderful bins. They sell these everywhere. You can even find inexpensive ones at a dollar store. Bins corral all your content and make sure you can find what you need quickly. Plus, you can group like items together. Or consider purchasand organizers designed specifically for desk drawers.

You can also add a desk organizer to stash your favorite pens, scissors, stapler and other items you reach for several times a day. You might even consider one that spins! Rolling organizers are another option. You can keep them close by when needed, then simply roll them away when you’re done. Be sure to designate space for a mail station and your policies and procedures manual. And while you’re creating your new area declutter!

Another option is to go vertical. Most storage offices have loads of wall spaces. There are a ton of products that can be easily mounted to capture folders and paperwork. Or consider adding a slim but tall bookshelf or a cabinet with doors if you have room. Modular shelving is another possibility as it can be changed to accommodate your needs. Or find a nice piece of furniture that’ll complement the office and provide storage.

One thing many organizers suggest is grouping items by color in your quest to make everything tidy. At first, I was a bit skeptical about this but now I’m on board. Consider swapping out those drab manilla folders for colorful ones. Not only will they be more appealing, but you can also designate files by color. Use a label maker for clear identification.

Standing desks are also becoming more popular. If you’re not ready to commit to this idea full time, there are some that’ll fit on an existing desk. Some storage businesses are ditching the traditional desk-and-counter combo for island stations. When possible, find ways to conceal electrical wires and cables as well. There are tons of products that can help hide or, at the very least, keep these essentials orderly.

Of course, organized doesn’t have to mean boring. Adding color, shapes and different materials can actually boost your productivity. Pick what you like! If that means Post-It notes in a rainbow of colors, go for it. Use those pretty pens, a nifty clipboard or decorative notebook. Add a riser so your monitor is at eye level. If desk space is limited, consider one with drawers or cubbies. If you’re unable to purchase a new office chair, check out the various support cushions to make your current spot a bit more comfortable.

Even if you’re not cognizant of the stress your messy work environment is causing, others could be. Scrambling to find a pen, scrap piece of paper or a paperclip while a tenant stares at you can be unnerving. Aim for an organized work environment that’s comfortable, fosters productivity and is visually appealing.

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Amy Campbell

Senior Editor, Inside Self Storage

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