Kayaking, Anyone?

Amy Campbell, Senior Editor

April 26, 2006

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Kayaking, Anyone?

By now, most of our readers know we're heading to Reno-Tahoe for the next Inside Self-Storage Expo on July 19-22. What some you may not realize, however, is this is not a NEW offering. It isn't a "summer expo added to the already stellar lineup of ISS trade events." No. It's our fall show turned summer. Dig?

We've had a little confusion about this because in the past our "fall" expo was ... well ... in the fall. But after two years of battling hurricanes in Miami, Fla.; scheduling conflicts with other industry events during the Autumn months; and a reluctance to venture into holiday-window territory, we decided a change was in order. So now it's summer/family fun in Reno-Tahoe!


There are some hurdles here, without a doubt. First, we need attendees to understand (and be hip with) the date change. Pushing a show up three to four months is no minor adjustment. Second, we're now competing with many family vacation schedules. Finally, we're contending with the Self Storage Association conference in Las Vegas during early September. There's seven full weeks between the events; but some feel the locations and dates are two close together for their liking. So that's what we're facing as we market this show.


The thing is, we believe we've got a little gem here. When I first heard we were going to Reno, I admit I made the "blechy" face: Reno? BLECH. All I could envision were senior citizens in knee-high socks and sandals sitting in a dingy room playing slots. But then I started doing some investigating. Turns out Reno-Tahoe is hopping! Water recreation, cultural events, cuisine, golf ... None of these things came to my mind intially, but they're all there.


I've been reading a great blog at Visitrenotahoe.com that highlights the activities in the area. The current post is about the National Collegiate Whitewater Kayaking Competition that took place on the Truckee River just last weekend. Looking at all that fresh, cool water in the photos is enough to make me salivate. And that's just the tip of the whitewater cap.


If you've got time to check out the Reno-Tahoe blog, great. I think you'll be amazed at what goes on in "America's Adventure Place." But I'll also be highlighting a few choice attractions in this space as well as the new ISS Expo Blog, which will launch on May 8th. I've invited the top members of our tradeshow team to share their insights and keep you updated on all our event happenings. You'll find this at www.insideselfstorage.com/expo.


On a side note: I mentioned in a recent post that I was to attend the Valley of the Sun Tattoo Convention. Several of you have asked, "Did you get some new ink?" As a matter of fact, I did. And, yes, it's in a socially acceptable/viewable location. But I'm not going to post a pic in this blog. You'll just have to catch me in Reno!



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