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Inside Self-Storage 1/98

January 1, 1998

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Inside Self-Storage 1/98

The National Institute of Self Storage Education(NISSE)™ provides all levels of education and training tothe self-storage industry. NISSE originated through the conceptsand input of respected self-storage industry leaders across thecountry to ensure accurate and quality education andcertification.

NISSE is the only educational source that providesprofessional designations and recognition for self-storageprofessionals. The professional designationsoffered by NISSE are the Certified Self Storage Manager(CSSM™) and Certified Self Storage Supervisor (CSSS™)Programs. The CSSM and CSSS programs are similar to accreditationprograms offered to on-site managers and supervisory-levelpersonnel in other property management fields (i.e., apartmentsand commercial real estate).

The primary goal of NISSE is to educate, accredit andrecognize individuals who are committed to distinguishingthemselves in meeting the needs of those they serve, theindustry, the owners and, most importantly, the customers.

Seminar and workshop topics offered by NISSE include sales andmarketing, telephone techniques, customer service, administrationand operations, audits and inspections, employeehiring/supervision/retention and liability issues. NISSE alsoprovides custom and individualized training, contract training,consulting, new facility startups, audits and inspections,employee handbooks and operations manuals.

To better understand what NISSE offers, let's take a look atsome of the most frequently asked questions related to theinstitute:

How is NISSE structured?
NISSE is comprised of a certification and advisory committeethat includes respected self-storage leaders who have beenselected to assure industry-wide representation. The committee'sprimary responsibility is to review and approve course materialsand class instructors. Cheryl Yeager is the founder and directorof education.

Yeager has more than 17 years experience in real-estatemanagement, with heavy emphasis on training. Using hands-onexperience, she has developed and implemented numerous sales,management and marketing programs currently in use by companiesthroughout the country. Additionally, Yeager has instructedreal-estate management certification programs for many years andis one of only six nationally accredited instructors with theNational Apartment Association. Yeager is also a professionalmember of the National Speakers Association and has conductedmany seminars and workshops at self-storage industry trade showsand conventions.

Why was NISSE formed?
The self-storage industry has become substantially moretechnical, competitive and legally complex and, as such, theneeds of self-storage owners and operators have changed. More andmore information is required to effectively operate and manage ahighly profitable facility. Upon becoming actively involved inself-storage development, consulting with on-site managers,supervisors, owners, developers, vendors and other industryconsultants, Yeager discovered that companies and individualsseeking to achieve higher and more competitive levels within theself-storage industry nationwide, not only wanted, but requiredmore quality, affordable education and recognition to achievetheir goals.

Why is NISSE providing the education and certificationprograms, rather than the industry associations?
The way in which business is conducted is rapidly changing inall facets of today's competitive business climate. The"outsourcing" concept is being recognized as a moreefficient and affordable way for companies to obtain servicesthan the usual standards of yesterday. It is proven fact thatthose who specialize in a particular aspect of a field are morequalified, dedicated and educated, which allows them toefficiently and effectively compete in their respective areas ofexpertise. Simply put, "we can no longer assume that therules we played by in years past are still correct for thechanges of today. We must continue to improve on what we aredoing today." For whatever reasons, many owners andoperators choose not to affiliate, join and pay membership duesto associations. NISSE is a non-political affiliated organizationfocusing on the best interests of all self-storage owners,operators and managers. Anyone desiring to contribute, attend orinstruct seminars and workshops may do so without prejudice,regardless of membership in any association. Additionally,associations are encouraged to participate in the programs and torecognize their members involvement and achievements. Severalassociations have acknowledged the educational benefits of NISSE.These associations actively contribute to and utilize theresources of NISSE on behalf of its membership.

What are the benefits of my employees attending educationalseminars and workshops?
With evolution of the self-storage industry from themom-and-pop operations from past years into the highlycompetitive business mainstream, it is imperative that employeesbe equipped with the necessary information to be effective andconfident in handling any given situation. Knowledgeableemployees understand through education, experience and examplehow to operate a more efficient and profitable business.Additionally, they are more effective and credible with theircustomers. It is proven that it is a basic human need to continueto learn and become all one can be. Employees are more loyal whenthey are supported and given the tools they need to be confidentin their jobs. Therefore, owners who provide education andongoing training opportunities experience less employee turnoverand expense.

What is the cost of the certification program?
For an individual to obtain the professional designation ofCSSM, it may cost as little as $545. The candidacy administrationfee is $50. Each class costs approximately $99 and includes alltraining materials, textbooks and exam fee. Elective credit costsvary, depending upon the individual and may be obtained innumerous ways. For example, industry trade show and conventionattendance that include approved seminars and instructors, legalseminars, membership in industry associations and otherreal-estate associations, other approved workshops and seminars,etc.

How long does it take to complete the certificationprogram?
The candidacy period is two years and may be extended for anadditional year. The length of time will vary depending upon eachindividual's dedication, participation and attendance in themandatory curriculum, as well as the elective credit time. Themandatory curriculum for the CSSM program includes five modulesthat consist of five one-day classes.

Where and when are classes conducted?
Classes are conducted throughout the country. The frequencyin which they are held is determined by the participation,attendance and demand from the specific area. The following is apartial listing of cities scheduled for 1998:

  • Atlanta, Ga.

  • Baton Rouge, La.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Chicago, Ill.

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Denver, Colo.

  • Houston, Texas

  • Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Nashville, Tenn.

  • New York, N.Y.

  • Orlando, Fla.

  • Raleigh, N.C.

  • San Francisco, Calif.

  • Seattle, Wash.

Check future issues of Inside Self-Storage for datesand locations. For more information about NISSE, call (800)464-6524.

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